Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Donations to Rinchengang Primary School.

After getting donation sum from Rima, we went to buy stationary items. The school is situated next to Rinchengang village, the famous village for clustered village example. I was accompanied by my friend Aue Passu.

We had taken stationary items to inspire kids to have better handwriting, better calculation skills and artistic passion. Well, sorry for most of my writer friends, I couldn't donate novel books or any sorts of literature stuff. Well, next time perhaps, I could do that.

Rinchengang Primary School happens to be opposite to Bajo town, and most often, these community schools get neglected from events. I am not blaming or defaming Ministry of Education but we never hear events being held in these schools, reason being these schools lacking infrastructure, but then again, it happens to be community school. I was told that most of the students belonged to not so rich families, and most of these students were quite artistic. There already is a teacher, who makes her students do paintings. The school remains decorated with well finished paintings done by children.

I was asked for 7 wall clocks, for there are seven classrooms in that entire school. Yes, the grades range from PP to VI. The strength of school happens to be 188. The children there were very much active and bold. I liked that attitude, they were all smiling without knowing why I visited the school. The Principal also had arranged for a small tea session but we had reached an hour early. Well, due to time constraint, I had to go to site and we skipped the tea session. We discussed about the wall clocks, and I have already gotten a dear friend of mine willing to donate it. Yes, next time I visit Rinchengang Primary School, I will go with seven wall clocks. Perhaps, that time, I will tour the school thoroughly.
Photo Courtesy: Passu

I solely thank Rima Reyka from Singapore for donating the sum to us. Roughly 6325 worth of stationary was donated then. And I urge my future friends not to send me cash, it is quite hectic for me to go to the stores and purchase those goods. I wish to receive your donations in forms of books, pencils, pens, etc. And I will give you, your sketch. I don't like to talk about money as well. Never been much of materialistic throughout my life.

I have also talked with few of my artist friends to join me in this venture, and I am quite happy that they are very much interested. But since you dear friends of mine have read my blog, I still urge you to consider my amateur sketches as the best, and I remain your favourite artist, for my friends who will join me are better than me. They can even sketch keeping you as their subjects, and within few minutes, they can do your portraits. Damn. I wish to learn more and I hope, someday I will be confident enough to be in their (my artist friends) league.
Photo Courtesy: Passu
Anyhow, I think schools which are not so remote and not under urban precincts always go unnoticed. Usually, we don't mind or hesitate to do something for remote areas, but these schools in between as well, should not be forgotten. After the seven wall clocks, I have thought about another community school, which is near Taksha. I don't even know the name of the school, but it is situated next to Tsirang Wangdue National Highway. The school is connected by a suspension bridge.

And someday, when I feel like I am ready, I will give you the reasons why I am doing this. And I am not rich, and I haven't accumulated wealth as some might think I have. I will tell you my tales, when the time is right. Till then, go get some stationary items, donate it to any school you wish to, and mail me your picture. I will definitely sketch your face.

Thank You Rima, one more time. She even denied for receiving the sketches through DHL or Fedex. She said, I can donate the amount, rather than spending on mail expresses. I hope I get to meet you someday. Thank you once again. 

Ps: Doesn't mean that urban schools don't have kids who come from poor family backgrounds. In Bhutan, we all are poor. 


  1. Thank you very much Dawa for all the troubles that you have gone through and it's my pleasure being able to donate those items to the school.

    Well, we may meet one day. And this can be one of the reasons why I should go back to Bhutan, maybe ;)

    At the mean time, it encourages to you follow your passion through and practice makes perfect. You too can sketch very fast like them by practicing more. So, keep up your good deed Dawa! May Buddha bless you always! :)

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  3. Ma'am Rima, I would like to say Thank you for your kind support. It would in deed a good help to people of Rinchengang Primary School student. Keep doing a merit task. Tashi Delek.
    And dawa sir, good job you had shouldered. Happy to know all about it.

  4. It's my pleasure Jigmmey! :) Happy Thrue-bab to both of you! Have a great time in Spain! ;)