Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What A Future?

The 19th & 20th Century visionaries really did have higher expectations from 21st century folks. But who were we kidding? If anything one has to study, one should bifurcate it to a unit and then study. So, let's break things into smaller units. Let's say my working environment first. 

Firstly, it is partially serving the humans and is mostly regarding money for upcoming years. Then I look at my bosses. Many of them old schools, and I don't know where in Old schools were they taught to take the credits from their subordinates, try to bully them and make them work. Generation gap surly upsets many people around. But if they had guided me well with proper directions (I have always been obeying chap). Not this time, when I know what is right and wrong, where I stand and what I exactly need to do. 

Then I look upon my socializing friends. We all are busy engraved plunging ourselves in to the world of smart phones and daily chores, what's the nation up to or what's the rate of potatoes? We are busy with our smart phones, teasing, poking, befriending, irritating, criticizing, liking, commenting etc. 

Then I realized, how telephone came into existence. The invention was due to love. Alexander Graham Bell wanted to invent a machine which could make his deaf mother and wife hear. And accidentally, he came up with his telephone. However, he refused telephone to be in his study, because he believed it as nothing but mere intrusion to his real work as scientist. 

But he did give billions of lovers a voice, a means to communicate with each other. And with that, he did give billions of infidels to carry out polygamy: be it polyandry or polygyny. 

Henceforth, when google glasses came into existence, the first thing people were excited was to make porn. And I wonder, what sorts of future we are heading to? The second picture surly seems visionary with stripping upon a country into strip because your holy book said so, bombing people for oil, doing things for oneself, enslaving people with false hopes of freedom, taxing for reasons vague, legally doing the illegal, suppressing the suppressed, conniving for you aren't as much talented as someone else is, oh, and blah blah blah..... 

Tell the world Gaza is dying, nobody cares. Tell them a Celebrity died, everybody loses their mind. 

Tell the world Global Warming is real, nobody cares. Tell them about Ebola, everybody loses their mind. 

And it is out of this vulnerability, this thrills and chills we get, these short shortsightedness and the craze of adrenaline rushes that we never could control but enjoyed: we human race should pay a hefty price. But why should I care? I should be losing my mind over my untalented bosses as for now. 

And you Sirs, had greater expectations for us while you lived and died in 19th and 20th centuries? Inventing, discovering and enhancing technologies then? What did you think about yourselves? Inventing stuff like Telephone in 1876? Writing book on Time Travel in 1895? What the... Just get over your futuristic visions by simple philosophies: The philosophies of those Great Philosophers from the BC era still work on men after two millennium? What a waste.

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