Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sketch of the week.

Hi Folks, How have you been? Well, past one week, I was very much busy with office chores and well, what can I say? It has been a very normal week, yes, as always, work was slightly hectic. 

Anyways, finally, I have come up with my first sketch. Today, I will be posting a sketch of my dear friend Tashi Yangzom. 

Now, Tashi and I were good friends from high school. Tashi is a very brilliant girl and was topper during my time. She pursued Bachelors in Food Technology with A+ grades and is herself an artist, voracious reader and a very calm person. She was stationed five hours from my college, and unlike me, she has mastery over Telegu Language. Yes, Telegu Language is the one, which is spoken in Andhra Pradesh. Don No. 1, the movie of Nagarjuna and Kelly Dorji as villain is in Telegu.

But today, I sketch her not as my friend or a topper or a person who has got proficiency over languages. I sketched her because she is a member of Bhutan Youth Foundation. 

The lady in Blue with Nike Shoes is Yangchen. The lady who is trying to pour Porridge is Tashi. Tashi and Yangchen were friends since childhood. They were in same classes since class nine, that I know of, till their college. Yes, both of them qualified for B.Tech Food degree.

Bhutan Youth Foundation 

"Transforming Lives, Restoring Souls" It was initiated in the year 2008 as Druk Warriors and is a youth oriented foundation. T.B. Rana is the founder. The members are volunteers comprising of mostly teachers and students. It organizes several youth engaging projects aimed to provide social and community services. Hands of Trust- an expression of gratitude to the police for their service to the community towards ensuring our safety. It is a project to thank the police personnel patrolling the nights of Thimphu town. Tea, porridge and snacks are served at midnight and early morning hours as an expression of gratitude from the community for ensuring our safety by leaving their comfort zone and braving the cold to perform their duties. Sometimes, the residents and hoteliers come forward to sponsor tea and porridge. Most of the time, members sponsor suja, tea, porridges and snacks which are mostly prepared from their home.

Read about them, visit their page and like the page, I won't be telling you the full story, mystery should be there to make you curious. 

Anyways, they have this project called Hands of Trust. In this project, they go around Thimphu City and give Hot tea and porridge to policemen who do night patrolling. I do remember once, Tashi discussing it with me, and she was taken back that these policemen would just do their patrolling during nights, until it was dawn. I very much sympathize these policemen for their dedication, even though, at times, their interest of keeping the city clean conflicts with mine, whereby me getting drunk late at night and actually creating nuisance. :p 

Jokes apart, they have been doing this for last winter I presume, and they are doing these days also I guess. But please do go to their page and like that page. And who won't like a hot cup of tea and porridge? 

Anyways, one last thing about my friend. She surly is beauty with brains. Because I remember one point, whereby we were discussing our final year projects for our B.Tech course. Hers was trying to manufacture juices from fruits which would be equivalent to Tropicana or Real, but cheaper than them. So you see, if you thinking of food business, you can consult her as well. 

I have given you the actual photo, and the processes in which I sketched her. I apologize for keeping you all wait, but please do understand, I am trying my best while sketching people. My next sketch is coming soon. Till then, take care. 

May Peace prevail. :)    


  1. Beautiful girl perfect on your sketch! I heard about the project before. Yes, she deserved to be drawn by you :)

  2. the photo captured my