Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Book: Dear Seday.

"How does Seday look like?" Tenzin asked Nadola.
"She is the most beautiful woman in this world," Nadola answered. "As beautiful as Aishwarya Rai?" Tenzin queried. "More than her," Nadola said, his half thought already picturing his beloved girl. "No one is more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai," Tenzin said. Nadola got distracted. He turned to Tenzin and looked deep, almost sending fear into Tenzin's soul. 

I am not a writer nor a master in literature. But these days, I have thought of becoming a critic over books written by Bhutanese Authors Lol. Actually, I have only read two of our local homemade books. The third one is History of Bhutan by Karma Phuntsho and boy, that is a thick one. When I am done with it, I will write its review as well. But since this is my blog: My Body My Wish? My blog my wish? :p 
Dear Seday, by Ugyen Gyeltshen. 

Dear Seday is a love story novel with roughly 200 pages, whereby the protagonist Nadola sees his beloved Seday after fifteen years.

The way the story is told is pretty interesting. But I liked the book because it was written with such powerful emotions that it took me back to my school days: reminiscing myself as Nadola. Those golden -olden days when you fell for your puppy love and you could do anything, you were invincible and you knew if she wasn't the one, there would be none. Wasn't that beautiful? This book has enshrined those memories and brings them into life the moment you flip those pages. A collection of letters over fifteen years. 

This book is meant for both tourist and Bhutanese readers who haven't been to Eastern Region. It gives you the true taste of Bhutanese lives in eastern region. It takes you to those corridors and rooms of eastern schools' hostels whereby nothing mattered, but friendship and few packed homemade cuisines. 

Bits and bytes it talks about everything, the day to day chores and how exactly construction behaves. It is written by a very witty man, and the book would make you laugh and cry. This book is interestingly written and I won't tell you more, go purchase one and you would know why? 

I do like the part whereby he somehow wrote: The Assistant Engineer is a bad man and is very dark, but darker is his heart. He is not handsome now. He will not be Handsome in next life as well. Ha ha.. Something like that, but in a very funny way. 

The cost of the book when I purchased was Nu. 180/- and the paper quality of pages are good. Cover design and quality, however is not up to the mark. But don't judge the book by its cover, it is a good read. 

1. Cover Design / Paper quality: *** stars
2. Story Content: ***** stars
3. Language : ***** stars
4. Clarity of stories: ***** stars
5. Cost: ***** stars

Hence forth: I rate this book as 4.6 stars. 

Ps: The author blogs at Read some of his posts before you read his book if you are cautious about your Nu. 180/-. I am damn sure you will purchase one of his copies. 

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