Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Book: The Night Hunters.

I am no writer or an expert on English language. I just do write out of passion. And this book review is nothing lesser but out of passion.   

The adventures start during nights unaccountable, nights when you felt your freedom, nights when you were excited to do something - anything, nights when you felt that you were invincible at one point.

The Night Hunters is one of the boldest books ever written by a Bhutanese author that I have ever come across. The boldness is based upon our daily usage of languages, for we all know we don’t pass our days without saying Jadha (J meaning penis and dha meaning fuck- we weren’t creative while framing a slang were we?) It is not a novel but collection of short stories. The book gives you naked truth and the way the stories are written, few of them will make you go on reading: non-stop. But few of those stories, you need to read twice or more to understand the witty riddles, or perhaps ponder upon or who knows, they might not have anything in it? The book is meant for ordinary Bhutanese people because at some point, we were night hunters, be night hunters in villages or towns. We were all searching for one night stands while we were intoxicated. The book gives you the feedback of normal Bhutanese lives and consequences that ordinary Bhutanese faces. The Galopas, the sons of Galopas and the lovers of Galopas. While you read this book, I bet you that you will find yourself reminiscing one of your days while you were school student, cow herder, an officer, a Galopa, a romantic Romeo or a real douche you became in some points of your lives. The book talks about problems one faces in native Bhutanese villages, the conflict with humans to wild animals to societal dogmatized stigma. The book talks about fatherless children and what they could become or couldn’t.

The book is meant for tourists as well as Bhutanese readers, because not much is written about Bhutan as a nation or its tribes, but it covers the normal lives of ordinary people and the fact that I like about this book is that it hasn't exploited the brand name Bhutan. Or else, most of our books are either for tourists selling our brand name like: the book from Last Shangrila or the book from the land of Gross National Happiness. 

The book’s quality is splendid and it costs only Nu. 200 /-. Yes, two whiskey shots in some ordinary Discotheque. The book’s finishing can be compared with any international books, and this has taken writing of books into a very different level.

Night Hunters is a must read. And the following are my ratings. Ha ha… as though I have accomplished something great in my life, I am rating a book as if I were some great master of or in literature. :p Just for fun I have kept few of my parameters.

1.       Cover Design / Paper quality: ***** stars
2.       Story Content: ***** stars
3.       Language : ***** stars
4.       Clarity of stories: **** stars
5.       Cost: ***** stars

So over all I rate this book 4.8/5. Now go grab your own copy, I am not going to scan the whole book and upload it on my blog. Shew… get lost, go to your nearest book store, and cut down on two whiskey shots tonight.  

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