Friday, May 16, 2014

Surprises of Life.

Past few weeks weren't joyous and I wasn't in mood to do anything: no work, no writing or no sketching. It was as if I had blood clot in my head and I couldn't think properly at all. I was moody. I had lost interest in everything and anything around me. It was as if, I had put myself into a very dark cave and there was nothing, no productivity and the saddest thing of all, no remorse for feeling so. 

It so happened that one night I came home tired. My house is roughly half kilometers away from my office. I was too tired and wanted something spicy on my tongue. I went to a shop whereby they were selling chat-patey ( what do you call it English? Uff.. they came all the way to India and stayed there for some centuries and didn't have time to name it? Unbelievable!). Anyways, I bought one and walked home, eating it. It was sour and spicy and I was refreshing myself. I reached my room and I kept the chat-patey cone on my table and went to refresh myself. When I was done with everything, I again thought of making love to this cone full of happy pills. As I reached half, I was blown. There was nothing written on the paper, but my phone number.I was like: Universe is this a message? Lol.

I was shocked, I was excited, I was furious and I was laughing. Who the hell gave papers from our office to that particular shopkeeper ? 

Then few days later, I took leave to rest. The work pressure was too much for me to handle and lately I am having second thoughts about my particular job. All in all, I did read an article about how to mess up with your Dream job. It seems working and being in a relationship is just the same. You can't be dedicating yourself fully, for you lose the worth. 

It was one heck of a coffee. I hope he improves next time. :p
That is Ninzi and Aue Passu. 
When I was on vacation, I went to meet Aue Passu, who said he would make me a great coffee.

He said he would make me a great Cappuccino Coffee..  he TRIED. And hadn't it been his hard work, I would have insulted him. The taste of Coffee was great however, I didn't drink coffee for the rest of the night. :p But I like his company, he is a very encouraging man and is full with visions. Some of them sound too crazy to achieve, but I know he will succeed eventually. He is quite energetic to achieve them.

Aue Pasu's stories are quite inspiring but he is to tell his own stories. How he became the man he is today. I do envy his courage though. I have seen him always being positive.

After a cup of coffee and three books from Aue Pasu's place, I had to go meet with one of my friends, who was slightly annoying on facebook. Meet Jigdrel Tshering from Dzongkha Office. We had planned to meet over for coffee and pizza. But before we went for those, he told me to accompany him in his work.

But before I had reached there, he was still being sarcastic over people updating everything on their facebook. I thought he was being dramatic but then, I was quite left speechless, when I saw those people and what he did. 

 It was after office hours, and both of us were in casual dress. He said he had to pay some people. I had no idea. Once he did mention me that he had helped to built a small cottage with four units. He said that those people without relatives and children, would stay there. Yes, he is a Kidu (welfare sort of) officer. His job is to give people benefits and watch over their well being. He said every single person got an amount of Nu. 2400/- in every three months. I was quite moved to hear his story. My friend will be leaving our Dzongkha after few months from now. He was repeating the same thing to those two ladies out there, one nearly cried with a concern : The new officer might not look after us as you have. He might not be a gentleman as you are.

He then took pictures of those two old ladies. One of them even refused initially saying that she wasn't dressed well. Women and their urge to look nice forever. That was cute. The ladies then complained regarding water. There was no water for past few days. My friend then went to check the water supply pipes. He couldn't solve the problem so we left from there. He said he would ask the Dzongkha Plumber. 

After we were coming back to Bajo, he still continued with his dialogues. He said, if he wants to share on facebook, there are so many materials but he doesn't want to. He just wants to help that's it and in his case, his job is to help. He also said that he doesn't like people doing voluntary works and posing that they did a voluntary job. Quite a weird character he is. Later he told me that till date he had cremated four old people. It was quite sad to know. It wasn't an old-age home, it was what he called a destitute center. I however was confused and slightly ashamed for sharing my every other thoughts on facebook, guilty as charged. But I always thought, those were too funny. :p and few emotional ones? Well, I am a Nana Patekar fan, you can't expect his fans to be sane.

I never knew that we had this sort of facility in Bhutan. Now I am glad that I paid tax. Or else, I was always cracking around jokes: I always wanted to say, um, Dasho, one of those wheels of your Prado belongs to me. :p  

 ~Yes, at times we do get sad and disturbed by people around, but hey, there are seven billion people on the planet, you ought to select the good ones. :) I came back to work with better energy. :)

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  1. Thatz really good thing .. few people do good to the society ...keeping behind themselves ...But i think such category people should come front or else v should recognise them, bring them in front of society so that every one can know them and support them, encourage them, in there views and try to help them by joining our hands with people like Jigdrel Tshering, Aue Passu to built up the good society.... and encourage more no. of people to become like Jigdrel Tshering, Aue Passu ....." small Deeds matters a lot in building Nation" and I've always respected those who tried to change the world for the better, rather than just complain about it. Hats off 2 u guys....