Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Courage ?


Courage is not absence of fear, it is being scared as hell but doing the right thing. Not doing the right thing while we should have or could have and we know it from the core of our hearts, presence of fear and no perseverance to do what was right: we miss courage. 

It was just like a normal day in our office, one of my friends paid me visit and we were discussing about work, engineering, love, society and government. I have been wondering about courage lately, and in past three years, I have met with people from different modes.

People who could afford to go to Oxford to people who could only afford a meal per day. I saw people having everything yet nothing, people who were too smart but weren’t street smart, casanovas who still loved one but slept around, drunkards who would drink like Vikings and still could make up to office next day but simply couldn’t handle three cups of ara, Romeos in love and yet they hated their Juliets whom they loved the most, people who were too ignorant about their jobs but had their ways to get output, people having a happily ever after family but were infidels, people who were law makers but broke it while they got slightly tipsy at our local karaoke, people into drugs but had the cleanest minds, people too ambitious but were too lazy, people who could talk but they didn’t have subject or strength in their words and yet they talked, writers who could criticize over consonants, vowels, countable nouns or uncountable nouns and every structure of English but couldn’t write a decent story, girls too pretty and successful but were still single because there were no match in the market and the list goes on and on.

It is amazing how we see dreamers every day, some of their dreams could make them richer than Bill Gates and some too malignant that even Hitler and Idi Amin would piss and shit in their pants. But all in all, aren’t we all little of cowards, the zest that we require is hidden in that part of mind: closet.

Having ideas is a great thing, implications however speak about our courage. Loving someone is easy, I even love my printer that is laserjet and prints books in minutes, but sustaining and vouching for what you have loved or liked is such a pain in ass (especially fighting for my office printer to be taken home while I would no more work here, that would be absolute courage. What stupidity? Courage is meant for stupid hearts :p ). Or is it? To think of it, we all die each day, because we all are bounded by certain things or relationships or responsibilities, what would my mother say and how would my father react? Isn’t it sad to realize that we see a lake and we know what can we do in the lake, out of starvation we like to fish, but we don’t have the skills or else how about swimming? Yet we are too scared of drowning. 

Somewhere, I once heard, a soldier dies once in a battlefield whereas a coward dies every day. And let’s take our hopes, wishes, dreams and passion, we do however die every day, bits and bytes, in each field.

We do lack courage and if you say that you are very courageous man and you have never smelt the scent of fear in yourself, ever, that would be a lie. Because most often, we do have one situation or the other, where we are fearful. How about you loving someone too much that you can’t complain about her farting habit? How about you not having a fear of heights but a small cockroach making you shriek vociferously? How about you willing to enjoy the carnal pleasures but just too afraid to be seen with that person in public? How about you getting really frustrated with your dumb bosses that you wanted to shove those papers in their butts but yet, smilingly giving some smirks, you still do the job? How about you willing to go around, live your life like in the novels of those travel writers and never come back, but you have your wife and kids to look after? How about you willing to write a very creative book, poem, tabloid, tweet or facebook status that would sum up the current situation of society, government and capitalism, but you don’t because you fear the consequences and oh, the circumstances that you haven’t imagined for being such a troublemaker? How about just going out of the paradigm and thinking otherwise, what if? And isn’t we being stuck with some of our own ‘what ifs’ depict that we were lacking courage at one point of our lives?

It is interesting how many philosophers had kept courage as one of the pioneer virtues for if we lacked courage, none of the other virtues could be practiced ardently. And I wonder too, would all our virtues be just the same without courage? What would honesty be like without courage? How could we fix some principles and for that matter any principles without courage? How could we fall in love and be in love all the way till the end without courage?

Every day we need courage. We need courage to get up and go to work, no matter how shitty our lives have been or how much we hated or liked our jobs. We need courage to live, be responsible and do what is the best for our loved ones. And vouching for our loved ones, no matter how time turns up to be, that is the utmost courage. 

When I heard regarding domestic violence, someone once told me that it isn't always women who were victims. There were men too. I heard 5% of domestic violence involves men. It does take courage to be the odd one in the stigmatized society, to survive. And even though 95% of the women do face domestic violence, I believe not everybody filed for divorce. For they didn’t want their kids to experience the trauma for 'being from the broken family'. Isn’t that courage? Isn’t one being a housewife an act of courage? 

And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! It took you nothing but mere courage to make it till the bottom of this page, reading this horrendous lines of mine. And oh yes, it did take me a hell lot of courage to write this article and post it up. At times, it is an act of courage not to give a damn and do what you want to. But don't be too courageous, to an extend whereby your bread and butter is gone :p

{The last paragraph was meant for humour, you can avoid it. But it does take courage to accept it? Nah, just playing with your mind. Ha ha. }

Good day.


  1. But it looks very serious post for me. Anyhow, loved going through it.

  2. You are my personal best blogger and that's because of your posts like this one.