Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Year: This is 2014.

The Year: This is 2014.

This year in Bhutanese context is WOOD MALE HORSE YEAR. And if you have a perverted mind, you would giggle like you have hear Bangkok, like Russell Peters says, “no matter what age you are, you would giggle if you hear Bangkok”.

This year so far is going well for me. After two years, I have actually celebrated Losar with my mother. My mother is a sharchop from Trashi Yangtse and father is Tamang from Tsirang. I still remember being her favourite son, I would always get up early and help her in kitchen early morning. The aroma of Suja and Thup early in the morning, no cuisine can actually beat the combinations of zow with suja and hot Thup with dried beef in it.

But for me, this year, losar came slightly earlier. I had my friend Phub visit me after two years of inviting him. My haap friend with his overrated hentey legacy. He is a good man and has never let me down and scolded me time and again over shitty things I have done. To think of friend visiting, even my friend Namgay, my best friend whose wedding is around the corner and I am not going to be his best man came to visit me as well, with his lovely fiancĂ©e. You see, I being slightly fat, I have complications now with my eating habits and metabolism has slightly been not on my side. I had made a point that I won’t drink, but at times, it is okay. I didn’t tell my friends that I couldn’t drink, I didn’t want to be a black sheep while I could give them a good time.

Phub’s visit was good. Two of my other friends had also visited me. I made few jokes about society and us, and they would laugh to the point that tears rolled down and they had breathing problem. It was an amazing night with them. And how could I forget that I had this wonderful opportunity to sing with Sir Passu, blogger turned singer.

Next day, our close family friend Uncle Damber and his family paid us visit. We ate like any Bhutanese would, during losar. We had fun remembering our olden days and most often, I and my little brother Mahindra were reminded how much trouble makers we were. It was a good day.

I have celebrated losar and for the first time in two years, I wasn’t the boring engineer who had no time.

I see the year 2014 going well for me. I had few tough times in previous years and I am very positive now that things will turn out well for me. If it doesn’t, no worries, I feel I have grown slightly positive and wiser, anything that’s there to be gone through, will be dealt with. Happy Losar to all you wonderful people. 

And as for me now, I am off to office. March surly will be a busy month. 

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