Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Change & Choice.

It was decided once, what sort of future you wanted and how you had visions so vivid: day dreamers! We all were, at one point of time and impossible wasn't yet introduced in our dictionaries. 

In the second election, the ruling party’s motto was “Vote for Change”. I didn’t want to comment on it then, because I hadn’t signed up for anybody’s rally and I have always tried my level best to refrain myself from involving in to any political agendas, but at times I am found engaging myself: but who hasn’t given up in the hands of passion so wild? My notion is slightly indifferent over whatsoever government comes for whatsoever country, be it from yes we can to yes we cannot to no you didn’t, I have always tried to choose to be apolitical. It isn’t that any government has bought any rounds of ice-cream shakes to every individual citizens of any nation, not here on earth, not possible. And this too, is a notion that I have chosen to choose, and I don't know when would I choose it to be changed.

While this phrase was thrown to us, many wrote it on their facebook status stating, they did vote for change. Now let’s dissect the society and carry out our studies. How far are we good with our own choices and how adaptable are we with changes? When was the last time that we ‘did not’ hear our people grumbling over dishes being spicy & temperature being sweaty, the moment they crossed Hashimara? And if we did have some sort of choice (good ones) and we did appreciate changes, then why the hell were we all against pedestrian day? Wasn’t it our choice to be alive in better environment and wasn’t turning off our propulsive engines a matter of change we had to embrace in order to cut down our expenditures and pollutants we emitted? We couldn't even choose to change ourselves when Tobacco was banned. And wasn't that choice to change a good one?

On personal level, we are too adamant to change and choice. We don’t want to upset our parents, relatives, siblings, bosses, cat, dog, mouse, rat, Mr. Bean, Jeda, Goku, Shaktimaan, etc., and become another brick on the wall of society {I put Shaktimaan there because I remember you guys brushing your teeth late at night, just because he said so :p }. We did criticize our own societies at some points of our lives, over the worse rituals, over the differences created, over the dowry asked, over the caste system, over the persuasion of some religions, over the hierarchy, over the capitalism, over any other thing that didn’t meet up the logics of then you, the then you, the then educated you. And where have we headed? Are we just too coward now that we have grown up that we fear to be talked about or cut-off? Are we that dependent? Where has the independence gone which we dreamt of? 

I met an Architect once, a very much renowned one, who had long hair and he was genius in envisaging and designing designs which would always wreck engineers’ heads. In his late fifties or early sixties, he had cut his hair. I asked him why? He would blatantly admit that society doesn’t accept his choice and henceforth he had to change, which too was his choice. 

I was wondering over the days. Over to years of my service, I have put myself into a situation whereby I have to change my lifestyle now, or else, the pills would be bigger and injections more painful or regular. I have to change my lifestyle and I am guilty that I am not good with both, choices and changes. I haven’t changed a bit from High School days, and that has cost me few hurtful moments. Did I choose to change? I tried, but I hadn’t chosen and I hadn’t changed. 

We would often joke while we were in college, every phase is a change, we all are changing like those caterpillars in their cocoons. Whether we become moth or butterfly wasn't known. That is where the choice comes. I believe we can choose to change, be it butterfly or a very awesome moth. 

From falling into love to getting married to letting go, we have to make choices and changes: some are easy, few are weird and some we should have had but never met or made. So, change and choice are those entropies that we have to be careful with, we have to choose to change for better, and when I state better: it would even require letting go of the most beautiful things that once we never could have managed without. Forgetting your lovers to forgetting your parent in some of your cases, shutting down few people to letting go of those people who treated you ill, shrugging yourself away from heavy duty jobs to finding better ones, avoiding violence to attending some fight, we all have to choose to change, and I hope you all do it for the best, if not better. And then perhaps, you would live what once you had barely dreamt of: day dreamers.

Like my friend Tshering Lhamo once said: it's our choices that make us who we truly are, far more than our abilities~Albus Dumbledore.

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