Sunday, February 23, 2014

This pay check or the next?

My apologies for not having updated my blog lately. Due to alterations in many things, I simply forgot to write and not many creative ideas I came across. Anyways, I just remembered one time my father came to meet me.
A nicely packed bottle of whiskey, not packed by him but Bhutan Army Welfare I presume, if I get the firm's name correct. Anyways, there he was with a bottle of whiskey and few of my friends. We cooked dinner and half of the curry was eaten as 'chang paa' what we called starters in college. We were slightly tipsy and we had to get another bottle of whiskey, good old days when my liver could cope up and my lungs weren't being such mere cowards {oh you can use the best word that comes to your mind, I have been reminded too many times that I write things with utmost vulgarity}.

Anyways, what came out from my father was totally inspiring & it went something like this: I want to tell you boys something. You see, we all have responsibilities as fathers, sons, brothers, brother-in-laws, grandsons, etc etc. And yes, you shouldn't shrug away from your responsibilities. But in the urge and verge of fulfilling all those duties, you tend to wear and tear yourself. That will later on hamper in your living life. So, once in a while, perhaps six months later or keep any gap, forget that you have responsibilities. Forget that you have sons, you have wives, parents...forget that for a day and recharge yourself. Go to a drayang, or discotheque or resort or anything, do something: take care of yourself. So that next time you go back to your responsibilities, you go back as fresh as you were since you had it on the first place.

It's been two years, and I am planning for my treat, treat for myself. I just am planning, whether should it be while I get this month's pay check or the next? I will post you guys. I seriously am planning a trip to eastern Bhutan or southern Bhutan this time, and let's put it this way: no toilet papers, no cigarettes, no books, no phone, no responsibilities. I hope I do have some good stories to share.

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  1. If it is for fun you like to trip than Southern parts like Gelephu, Samtse and Tsirang are few good places to visit at present season. :-)