Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just a weird Thought.

Once I came across few paragraphs regarding life and death. When one is tangled upon too many things, the so called 'Current Affairs' and agendas that would not matter much unless I get food on my plate, I pondered over vague ideas, perhaps I was seeing too much and missing so much. Today, I just put myself in those positions of being ill and dying. What is the sole purpose of life? I now feel that while alive, make memories with as many people as possible, so that you get many people turning up in your funeral, but more than that, have many people who would call you: A Friend.

What if I got blood cancer? What if I was suffering from leprosy? What if I got AIDS? How would I be treated in a society that has more to do with proving individuals and owning commodities than giving away to needful ones? What if... with these what ifs, I get slightly insane and google few of the pictures. With so much of stigma around, it is inevitable for all of us to shrug away from the fact that we have never been good to those people who suffer from misfortunes, misfortunes that they didn't even ask for in first hand. And isn't it sad? What if I get a serious skin condition tomorrow or I burn myself and my face gives a wild fear in the spines of observers? Will I be able to live my life like I do now? Could I go to work? Could I get a means to my survival in this capitalistic society?

 And now I wonder, what if I had leprosy? How would me suffering from this disease affect and effect my loved ones? Will I still have a lover?  Will I be seen the way I am seen now? Could I go to party? It does depend upon how much I could take in, how much I do develop my will power, and I wonder, could I actually face the world better?

I mean no disrespect to those people who are fighting their lives everyday, suffering from diseases that seem to be unbearably painful. I salute to all those people for being very courageous in their day to day lives, and I imagine, the least I could do. It would take a hell lot of courage to face the world than actually fighting the illness itself. And there, I find courage in them, for we do cry over petty issues while others' problems are greater than us.

I don't know how one would feel when one knows when he would die, I don't know how much of pain or pleasure one experiences while the transition from being alive to dying occurs. I do wonder at times though, if only everybody knew and realized how one exactly felt, we would have lived in a better society, better world and valued our lives more than our lifestyles? Just a crazy thought. I mean no harm to everybody who are battling their lives everyday.

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