Friday, February 28, 2014

Association of Practicing Engineers of Bhutan.

 A year ago, I was thinking of creating a group whereby we could discuss Engineering with fellow practicing engineers of Bhutan. We could form a platform in order to make our Bhutanese Engineering College gain recognition in International Level. We could organize Seminars on national level and international level and generate funds so that we could give better research grants to upcoming Engineers. I have always believed that if we don't work hard, we would be relics in the field. This is a draft that I prepared, and as of now, I haven't informed anybody, your feed backs are welcome.

Association of Practicing Engineers of Bhutan.

This association is created to envisage a platform whereby problems related to Engineering will be discussed and any technical solutions or suggestions be given by Experienced Engineers.

It is clear by this time that once Bhutanese Engineers complete their colleges, there is no such Training Period before they are given a site. Henceforth, a platform is required to discuss and prepare Engineers before they handle any projects, be it on large or small scale. Here we shall discuss regarding estimating, designing and executing a project.

1.      To enhance research oriented Studies
2.      To enhance Engineers with better insight and knowledge while they practice Engineering through discussion forum
3.      To discuss various modes of  Engineering
4.      To Make College of Science and Technology, the only Engineering college of Bhutan go Global
5.      To hold seminars in CST and generate funding for Research, Technical Festival and Better libraries.

(There can be more on the milestones list but as for now this is all).

Who all can be the members?
Members of APEB can be any Engineer with no disregard for Nationality and is a practicing or who wants to practice Engineering in Bhutan.

APEB’s functional body:-

1.      Chairman should be the Director of CST (I haven't discussed with him yet)
2.      President (Elected)
3.      Administration Officer (Elected)
4.      Finance Officer (Elected)
5.      Audit Officer (Elected)
(Even this should be framed again and your opinions are required. Apart from Chairman, all the members of Functional body will be voted and the members will be provided with certificates).

The Chairman’s Role: Chairman has to see the Association overall
The President: Should come up with ideas on seminars and how programs would be conducted
The Administration Officer: The Admin wing has to look upon how the seminars and APEB would be functioning.
Finance Officer: This body will be concerned with handling the budget which we will have to collect from the members and while execution of the seminars or meetings etc. The budget from the members should be only collected for the first seminar. Finance Officer has to plan in such a way that following seminars would be generating funds that would generate funds for upcoming seminars.
Audit Officer: Will be the one who should look upon the budget, whether it is fruitfully used or not.

Bhutan being in Himalayan region, everything related to our nation in terms of Engineering is considered or falls upon Extreme Engineering, be it the curved end of road which has change in gradients or be it surveying where no men have reached to building caverns of extra ordinary heights under poor rock conditions. We henceforth, should someday be able to organize International Forums and generate a subsequent fund that would provide research grants to Engineers and Students who are interested to contribute to the Nation as whole.

(This is the first draft that I prepared, we could do more on this, and your support is required).
Ps: If any further changes required renaming the organization or better suggestions on this Association is highly appreciated.

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