Sunday, January 19, 2014

Less understanding, bigger egos?

Most often between the noises of jet engines, earth moving equipments and people shouting to do the job, I wonder our existence. If god was really there and he did create us, was this the sole purpose of us being alive: To earn, feed oneself and represent oneself in society with intellectual mind and an affordable comfortable life?

The land, water and air, is however a gift of nature, but how cruel we have grown that we charge people loyalty for rocks, we charge people for consuming water, food and even air and not only that we even charge our own kind for shitting those consumed commodities,  that we charge on patents on discovering and inventing things those are mere combinations of molecules that were already gifted, we charge people for migrating or immigrating from one territory to another: the animal core we haven't tamed. Mere thoughts.

I did graduate from a good college in India, and there is nothing to brag about it (reason being me getting into that college in Government quota), good colleges just mean how much one is tamed, sleepless nights, assignments and exams over exams just to achieve a recognition on papers how obedient I was towards ideologies I was meant to think and remember. You see, when you do Engineering, there are eight semesters. One semester has roughly six theory subjects and three practicals. So when you graduate you have forty eight theories and eighteen practicals done. And if you want to do M.Tech. you could only select those few selected subjects and if you want to do PhD, you are narrowed down to those few chapters. Engineering is vast, and even a guy with title Dr. is confused over things that don't relate to his field, funny how more educated people are more confused and how a plain graduate in engineering or any other stream is so proud of his degree. Today I am posted in hydro-power sector: I can't comment much on geology even though it is a very crucial & critical factor, even though I had a subject and practical in Geology, I am confused as shit to predict and understand what sorts of rocks I encounter in tunnels. Oh and we are in construction side, even if I happen to join repair and maintenance field, I would be as good as a fresh graduate. Even though we are working in a field related to water, but if I am to design something related to irrigation, I am just good as sitting duck. Engineering is vast, so is life and everything we do around, and I seriously wonder from where does one find so much of confidence after learning few formulas and do that same old shit again and again. Any one who doesn't understand the versatility of subjects and is proud of his or her degree: I find it very funny and gift them my sarcastic smirks, for there are certain things you won't learn unless you do it. For instance, everybody knows that you have to design buildings. You would even know the codes and must have seen the formulas. But while you are there designing the whole of frame structure, if you haven't done it, you would still presume that those codes and a mere softwares like STAAD Pro or SAP would give you the output. But how is that you would fix your parameters and how would you conclude on the sizes of all those columns and beams? For those software and your own manual numerical analysis would give you different outputs on different components, how would you fix it so that you could make your client and architect go gaga? Certain things you only know if you do the exercises.

I like my job and I like my field, everyday, there is something to learn about, be it in simple excel files that we use. But if I am satisfied with few tricks of summation, multiplications and division, am I making best out of it? How about learning to program it well and making things efficiently better?

These days, we are surrounded by people who shrug themselves away from their responsibilities at work, they don't know how to do their work or they simply pretend as if they don't, however they do know what they are entitled to and order more, produce less. I hope someday, those few hard working people around me would be slightly greater in number.

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.”
Indra Gandhi.

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