Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I have been Doing?

Now, for all those folks, who would read my blog time to time and wonder why I never made for parties which I dearly didn't want to miss out. Well, work is hectic.

Last year, I got few sites. One road, one tunnel, Three prefabricated buildings, one Transit Camp (RCC Building) and one road with unlimited gabion walls. This year however, I got one more RCC Building and one tunnel and that Transit Camp isn't completed yet. I will not say that it was failure on the Contractor's part, it was mine as well. How? I just agreed to work for it.

The contractor, the one who shall not be named. But the funny thing is this that, the one who filled the BOQ ( Bills of Quantities) was sloshed and filled up the tender. I was told by few for which I have to verify but I was told that it was worth 1.6 cores but it was quoted 1.18 cores and he had quoted 1800 instead of 18,000 for an item. For another item that plays the key role, he quoted 63 but it would take him 65 to get it done at site.

It is funny how we expect the lowest bidder to work, but if that is way too low, we still expect them to work. Anyways, I created a 3-D model with few of the Bhutanese Architectural components missing. I hope you like it. The porch part is modified with me, but sadly, we won't see it as fancy as I expected it to be.

It has one conference hall, two executive offices and two assistant executive offices. It also has four rooms for guests and one kitchen for us. I am working on it but no progress at site, I also have another conference hall. I know it does sound narcissistic but I just wanted to share it with you my friends, who always wonder why the heck am I always busy?

We write to share what's going on in our lives perhaps.

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  1. Poor Dawa, you always land in funny soup! Whne is out potluck anyway. this weekend perhaps, I don't expect any excuse.