Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Depression is Good?

Our society has actually convinced us not to be sad, sadness and depression is treated as sickness unrecoverable, and even AIDS patients are to be hugged let alone the depressed men be abandoned. But how many of you have talked with an AIDS patient?

There was a rumour in town that some fellow had AIDS, and he was not seen for a while. I presume a year later, I see him. There happens to be another boy who has been named psycho and his is reputed for being in prison for years passed ever. But their pasts have made them pay heavy price which I don't think we all would be able to sympathize. It so happens that I recently read The Divine Madman, and the sound of chang made me slightly ethanol challenged.

I so happened that I would know them and later talk with them. The AIDS famous guy just happened to suffer from heart disease and had to leave the town, with not much money and supports from his partying friends. The psycho guy however turned out to be a voracious reader and you could discuss even vedas and he was a huge fan of Che Guevera. But both of them have made themselves stronger to actually have come out and make a point that their existence is something not related to those people who talked and never helped. And I will tell you one secret about sprouted township, we don't know who they are, but people do talk a lot about you. And most often it didn't affect, but this was slightly the time while my guard was down.

Today, I write about whether depression is good?

I once read Osho whereby a follower asked him that all her family members had committed suicide and she too wanted to? Or perhaps was she that paranoid? Osho replied her saying that depression and sadness are for those people who are very sensible who have sensed the faults in society and are in fact so smart to have understood the society well enough that they tend to get sick. And isn't it a sick society? You are branded for every other thing that you do or not do. You stay back at home, you don't have a life. You go out and you are a party freak and your character is questioned. You are judged over your personal and professional lives, and no matter how hard you tend to not get bothered, but whom are we kidding? We do get affected.

But after reading few pages of Milarepa, I just realized, all those great souls did have depression. Milarepa has frequently confessed that he wanted to kill himself. But it was out of that, a phase equivalent to cocoon, a butterfly emerges. It so happened with Buddha perhaps, perhaps he too got too sick and look what he did? He defeated Mara. I have heard about Abraham Lincoln too had his own share of depression and all those famous people did. But it didn't kill them or stop them, it just made them invincible. Henceforth, there comes a quote, the test of fire gives the best steel. And everybody is slightly depressed I presume, just how they pretend matters, for you will be judged on that matter as well. This was written for all those folks who are trying to find strength in their daily lives. All the best.

May peace prevail.

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