Friday, June 28, 2013

Smart Ladies.

She thinks she is old now, she thinks her time had come and gone, with desperation or grievance & depression she just wants to settle down, but her age did pass to get married for the sexiest men around her thinks so. Lucky are those who can actually fall in love and retain their love and have their happily forever ends.

It so happens in our society that not everybody is smart, not only in our society, it happens in all the societies and ecological existence. Not everybody has adapted for survival.

Today, I write a debut to all those ladies who are single out there who were too picky as judged by society, who never have had qualities to get a husband and eventually have her own family. It so happens that some are borne intelligent. They are straight but they simply don’t find those mates who are equivalently smart enough to woo them.

I have five of my female friends who have crossed thirty and they haven’t gotten married. Reason? They just don’t want to admit that they didn't get equivalently smart suitors, but they rather believe that when the time was right, I wasn't ready and when I am ready the time isn't right. I don’t know how far this statement proves to be true, but these women are all smart and successful ladies today.

It so happens that I have observed that few women are too smart that alpha males around them are not smart equally. Perhaps these ladies have read more or are better in maths than their counter parts. And just admit this guys, most of us lack in English and we are not that smart when we compare ourselves with these focused women. Henceforth, they never got to meet smart guys and those, whom they met, coincidentally it so happened that they were married or were in relationship. And there comes another point too, some of them were cheated by their lovers and never could actually fall in love. It usually happens with smart people, once something happens you can't simply forget. The curse is the gift: Intelligence. 

And there they lived, no matter how strong they were, they were made to believe that they were not worth to be wooed. But I just see it the other way, there weren't equivalent men who could actually woo them. They were smart and were successful that it infuriated the chauvinist men, who earned lesser than them, had lesser knowledge than them and were very poor charmers. So, the days went and passed and the years added, and today, they wonder why are they still single while the dumbest ones have families today and they don’t. Perhaps, we never know what our real purpose in life is, we tend to think that we know, but we don’t. We think that we are born to do certain things in life, look after family and achieve certain heights, but all those things are insignificant. Perhaps, we are put here on earth on the first place to be tested, the tasks we took were our own chosen ones while we chose earth be born in, perhaps the ultimate purpose of our lives is to worship and be amazed by Pikachhu, or we were here just to be a form of means, perhaps a medium to send messages for the universe. Who knows? We are born in a family and we grow up with the family, and we later on think that we are here to look after the family. But who knows we are wrong? In the verge and urge of looking after our own biological families, we are here to set examples, perhaps steal, borrow or kill some others whose lives get affected due to our existence, and perhaps that is the only ultimate goal. We all are here to affect one another, be it in a good way or bad, depending upon our own karmic deeds or an alternation of our choices, who knows?

And without knowing all those things that we were supposed to find out, the very purpose of our own lives, these pretty & successful ladies chose to be sad, built their own walls of inferno whereby they die each other day, dreaming for their princes charming.

If only they could see their gifts, if only they realized what their purpose was in their lives, they would realize how happy they were supposed to be on the first hand.

To all those ladies who are too smart and are thrown in the limbo of jackasses: Not everybody is here to sustain the human race. For Some of us are here to contribute to nation and humanity. May you find your happiness. 

PS:- Congratulations for making it so far, for you could have done worse, compromised with your own principles and landed up in a life long misery.

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  1. Haha.Thanks for sharing Dawa. Dont know how far its true regarding the 'smart' part but hilarious nonetheless. I am off to find my life purpose :D