Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well if everything is impermanent.

What doesn’t make you Buddhist by Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche gives you a versatile idea about where you have gone wrong and what are the things that you abstain yourself from being a true Buddhist.

Quite shockingly, even though I claim myself agnostic and atheist at times, I discovered myself being more Buddhist than my mother. On the other hand it did challenge many orthodox views and opinions, but I will leave it there.

As an engineer, am I doing everything that I am doing right now just to be proven that everything that I do is insignificant? My girlfriend prays every other night; I hope she does put me in her prayers like she does, with her family. But are her all prayers insignificant? I only see it as a discipline, a way of life. I am not even sure whether one hears her prayers or not, but it is amazing.

Everything is impermanent, and in a very funny way we used to put: sub mo maya hai ( hindi: meaning:- everything is illusion).

Siddhartha became Buddha, and he even became an auto corrected word in Microsoft Office Word. You can’t spell him wrong, and I personally feel that Buddhism however is a religion or way of life which one should seek while he is old in many cases and in few, when one wants to seek peace. Till then, never do anything harmful to others, if you can’t simply do well. The idea of heaven and hell has always confused me over, and I would say:  don’t be good to share the glory of heaven and don’t refrain yourself from the fear of hell. I could go on and on, on this topic particularly. But how beautiful it is that nothing is permanent?

And how irritating it is that you cannot evade without putting a question mark, while you use: ‘How’?

When I was once attending a lecture from an IIT Director, back in my college, he mentioned about his wife and a massacre or riot in Bangladesh. It was said that hundreds of men lost their lives, perhaps that was too heart breaking for his Wife’s college, which happened to be an Arts college.  The whole college mourned on the losses of men and no classes were taken. Then he said: back in our IIT campus, in those vast acres of land (most government colleges have land more than 250 acres), we continued with our daily chores, we were teaching differential calculus and integration. For a moment, I was taken back by his words, are we not humans? But engineers are made like that, we are mended in a way whereby holidays are not to be expected, nothing comes for free and how to make everything cheaper.

But on the same hand, engineers will serve people in the remote areas building roads, building towers for electricity and not to forget, supplying water. Everything is so confusing now; perhaps I am using my head on the wrong issues. But everything surly is impermanent, and to live positively, one needs to combine the principles of Buddhism with science. Accept everything is impermanent, but put it this way as well, apply Theory of Relativity as well to your present. For it is said, if you spend an hour with a person you loved, the time flees so fast that you feel those were few minutes. If you sit on hot oven, those few minutes will feel ages. Perhaps, it is how you feel and make while you are alive, and while you can make the difference you should, that is art of living life. And after that, while you age and don’t have any physical strength to do anything, your body abstaining you from everything, then must you go seek peace, and find peace of life rather than commissioning a war. May peace prevail and may we understand the universe better, for who knows, we are just living milli-seconds in someone’s life.

The shape of the universe itself confuses me, are we just a cell in something or someone that is a form of life in other medium? Or are we not even the cell, are we just smaller than that? An atom or even smaller: a proton or a boson or what they might even discover in mere future, perhaps. Who knows? Perhaps someday, we find the answers.

Oh, and who knows we might be that cancerous cell for an organism who has just reached his mid thirties, because all of us, the whole of human race does act like a very cancerous plague. :P

Wish you all peace of mind, a good sex life while you can, a good food you can afford, and maybe a family later on, and all in all, a good death while you bid farewell.

Dawa Knight. 

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