Sunday, April 21, 2013

Where were YOU?

Anybody who loved to smoke marijuana and listen to Pink Floyd would never be the same, especially after listening to the song: Coming back to life.

One of my friends once wrote, while she was standing on her balcony, the world was changing, perhaps someone as ordinary as you and I are is writing a great script to make a great movie while someone has started on his quest which will make a great movie tomorrow.

And just like that, where was I? Were there people missing me or were they simply wondering or were they simply not bothering, who knows feeling very comfortable that I am no more around? Truth be told, veil of ignorance does take away your important time especially while you think about your roll in society.

But society was least bothered these days, because as we live life, most of things change, we change and our opinions as well. If things were running as they were taught or as they were supposed to be with all those specifications and codes and laws, we won't have many frauds and dishonest people around. World is in entropy state, so are people, the nature has made them to evolve to their bests, perhaps what is best is different but everybody has evolved out of their ways to survive and some live.

Death however has bothered me a lot these days. I am just a man on his voyage imagining death and how should I face it when I will have my turn. Albeit, I will never know how will I be facing death. How will the present be for me when I die? Will I grow old with all those people that I loved and hated around me or will that be a snap-of-time which I won't even see or will I die painfully over the ages? And then the quest would go on and on. But I have realized something, while we live there are only three essential things that happens. We are born, we are loved and we are dead. Three simple things, those are it. But being born and being in love or falling in love or being loved are not our choices. Our birth was accident, someone would have been born in our place, but here we are, with a very enclosed unit on our own, our body. And yet, we differ from everybody, there is no another me out there, there will be no another me out there, and there won't be another me out there. I am my own unique piece and so is everybody. Everybody differs. Opinions would match, but nobody feels the way I will and I will never feel what they will. Accepting the fact. Love? Well, we never choose this one as well. Remember the time you wanted to fall in love with someone so hard that things didn't work out well, conditions and timings, and whole life you would always say to yourself, we were that close to have each other. But that is what it was meant to be, we eventually will be with whom we are to be, call it fate or destiny or coincidence, you will never know. And the least expected Tom, might be your hubby someday.

Death however is someone who will equalize everybody, it won't matter how much we have earned or saved or achieved, it surly will get his cold hands and choke the life out of us. Liking or disliking that feeling however is no matter of choice. Death again has two dimensions, one you can either choose or another one is yet again, a well known accident. Someday you will have it. And isn't that line little bit of saddening? Someday you will have it? Perhaps we will never know how will we die and how will we be remembered? How you are remembered while you are alive is not known to you and how you shall be while you die? That is like hitting on a ten while you are super drunk and only knows how to fall on the floor. But doesn't that bother or aren't you curious about how will you go? Will you be part of apocalypse? Or will a cereal choke you up to death? Or will it be one heck of a asphyxiation? However the tale be told, everything that we will do someday will be insignificant. We will fade from the minds that would remember us or the pages of history. Just, gone, and that's the way it is supposed to be.

And then, keeping my all weird thoughts aside, I wonder are my friends thinking of these too? I check up their photos, some are getting married, some have already given birth to babies, some partying hard like there is no tomorrow, some achieving accolades, some getting way too prejudiced and orthodox, some following footsteps of their parents, some planning to be successful in their lives, but I have never seen a soul in my friends who don't have passion in what they do, be it drinking to giving advice, they do them all with passion. Perhaps that is what binds us all together, even though we are different in our own ways, oh ya, and the very emotional fools we are. Bunch of boys who have had their own shares of broken hearts.

And in these anarchy, where was I? Where am I? Where do I stand? Well, as of now, I would like to put it as, trying to make a living, just surviving, just wondering thoughts equivalent to farts. Take care. 

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