Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Temporary Job.

When I was a kid, I used to paint banners during my leisure days, later on, it somehow became my pocket money earning days and one point, I nearly thought of making it as my career. But damn, those stencils and PVC banners they took away all my pocket money sources and leave alone my career, but hey, I also had dreamed of becoming an Astronaut, am I one now? :P

Winter is here, the chilly wind challenges my guts and I haven't given up though, not even when I am down with the flu and I can barely get up, I write, come on, what do you expect from our generation who has survived the so called doomsday.

Today I write about kids who are not into drugs, who are too young and have faced hardships in life and they know they are not rich and they have needs too, but still they are out there, fighting for what they belief I guess, I don't get them, but they are there. One of my sites has this huge walls to be made, we call it Gabion Walls, whereby wire meshes are weaved on hips of stones not less than one feet smaller. The stones might weigh around seven to ten kilos on an average, but these kids are there, making themselves pocket money. When asked why they were there? They simply said, February their schools will reopen and they want their parents to lightened burden on financial basis. Gallant, you might call it. But I did had to maintain my temper for they were young kids, gently I had to explain how important their work was here and how critical their outcome would be judged during the summer days. Probably these kids didn't know the power of Punatshangchu during summer days.

Anyways, I will share the photographs below:

The Students belong to various parts of Bhutan, Few are from Samdrup Jongkhar, Few from Samtse and Few from Bajothang itself. I was moved by their struggle, perhaps I will never know, these kids will do something I will achieve heights which I would never I guess. I took the measurement and it read work worth 22 Lakhs in a month. I wondered about our Bhutanese Contractors who don't have dedication in their works ( not most of our Contractors are astray and apologies to those who are hard workers), and compared these kids with them, hats off. But these were the kids who were working and materials weren't theirs and thus the transportation charges deducted, I believe these kids would be dividing roughly 4 to 7 lakhs among themselves. I don't know how their contractors would be paying them, when all that fails and you have lost hope around your ambiance, things like such does encourage you to work. Perhaps I forgot to mention one thing, one of these kids is an Engineering Student as well. All these kids are living near the site with temporary sheds made by themselves. 

The world is confusing at times, because there are many kids out there who simply don't understand the value of money, kids who are still into college and will graduate soon but have no clue about toil posing pictures on facebook acting like models, kids who are into drugs to run away from their miseries, kids who are so emo over their failed relationships, kids who need to be dressed better than their own parents and act classy in society, kids who are ashamed to address their parents who are poor, kids who are hypocrites and superficial, kids who are into Justin Bieber, Glee or Korean pop stars who want to act and dress like them, kids who have no interest in studies when they have opportunities and we have more kids today who want to become actors and singers and fame magnets rather than engineers or scientist, no worries about life thinking blessings of parents would be always on their shoulders like the sun. Things run out, resources will too someday and parents will leave them someday as well.

 Why only kids? We have adults as well, who earn hand to mouth and act so classy and behave like aristocrats they have always made me laugh. I do have rich friends as well, but all my friends are never showoffs, I find them working in their shops with rice sags or clothes, perhaps we were brought up in environment of dignity of labor? 

 I look at these kids and I try my best not to yell at these kids even if they err, for they have figured certain things in life. I am not sorry for them working, for they are not working here forever, they are earning certain pocket money to help their parents. You never know the pride unless you have done it, I know how proud you feel of yourself. 

Young lads at work but where they had put stones smaller than one feet were asked to be redone. Times, I hate my job for I have seen richest and the poorest fellows work side by side. 

Ps: These kids were not employees of my firm, but they were assigned this work by Contractors and sub contractors, I hope the money they earn will help them when they go back to their schools. I even promised them that if they need a reference letter, I would write one for them. My good will in their future endeavors. 

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