Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Can't we Accept?

Why can’t we accept?

Frustrations lie in all of us, failing as parents, brothers, sisters, employees, leaders or even as assholes, I am pretty sure that no matter how much we brag that how wonderful our lives are or how we see others to have wonderful lives, it is clear, we have become more frustrated. That’s it guys, this is all 21st century has brought us, in spite of all those fake dreams from the best minds of our generation promising flying cars and skyscrapers that were built on moon, what actually 21st century has to offer are debts and escalating prices always upward in our market.

We have learnt to compromise to live in a frustrated way. Yes, yell at the asshole who cuts ahead of you in traffic and think the ones who stay behind you as dumbasses, liberate your frustrations from your unethical orifices, discharge them without even thinking or actually coming next or close to the ACCEPTANCE fact.

We have learnt to live as millionaires, if not so, at least come slower to them, swap our credit cards, but not learn to accept the fact that we must work hard to afford that life. We don’t want to risk, we want to have sustainable stable jobs and yet dream to conquer world or own coal mines and back of the head, we all think we have that mind of Einstein and that we all can be Zuckerberg or just dream to own facebook.

We have learnt to live clean but what about our conscience, every other time we brag about our achievements? One can never be big by making others small, but what are we suppose to do, when the world buys what you sell. You act shy and are of good heart, you will be bulldozed over and over again. You be the prick and you are player, everybody wants to spend time with you. Too bad, we all want to have Iron Man’s life and not that of Peter Parker’s, for formal is cooler than the later.

We have learnt that we should look good, buy some products from Oriflame, make one’s face glow, make oneself smell good or just make oneself fancy. But why can’t we learn and accept the fact that when we harness our self esteem from others’ opinion, that self esteem always becomes an unstable one. And more over, while one falls in love, will that really matter? All your make ups and hi-fi smell just doesn’t matter, for making love is all about sweating along.

Why can’t we accept that yes, I am poor and I need to earn my living in a better way, rather than pretending to be rich spending upon iphones and actually find oneself in hard position to feed oneself? Or rather being scoundrels swindling people, for seeing easy method to the top, but accept one fact, what comes easily goes easily, be it people or stuff.

Why can’t we accept that fact that we are failing and it is okay to fail rather than being hideous hiding it, curtaining the flaws, fooling the world and fooling oneself? Perhaps, we will never learn to accept. Accept the fact that we reap what we sow. Accept the fact that some people will out smart us and we are not the Best! Accept the fact that some we were wrong and we should change for the better. Accept the fact that we are humans, but then again, humans are complex, for anything that makes us alive, is not how much we earn and learn, how good is our sex lives or anything related to any spiritual thoughts, we are more addicted to our egos than adrenaline.

Come on, accept the fact that there are seven billion of us out there, and I am not the best, but I need to be happy, accept it, happiness is all we long for and we screw up so many times just to be happy, that later on we just find ourselves in a confused situation, and state that we were happier yesterday than what we are today.

Good night. 


  1. How did you make so much analysis, that are very funny and realistic. Very interesting and reflective read.

  2. thank you sir for finding it funny.. haa haa.. i thought this would provoke many people.. and i just wrote it in one go.. actually it was the night when i had that three cups of coffee with you.. and fixed the time of the post.. as i already had posted an article