Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Motithang Day E6.

What made me and my friends close were what happened in the years 2005 and 2006. You see, we were a weird class, and there surely is nothing interesting to think that we were weird. Every generation thinks so.

But what bonded us, were our later years in Motithang.
I didn't mingle much with the students in my class, I was just Hi hello to everybody. Today, things have changed a lot, from being Hi hello to best buddies. But that transitional phase would require getting drunk, tutions, car rides, cigarettes, parties, etc.

So let me recall my days when I was in class XI. We were the first batch, so commerce students had some inferior feelings when they looked upon us. Their conversations would most of the times, engage regarding we acting as though we conquered the world. But yes, even teachers weren't happy with us. Most of the teachers didn't want to come for substitution periods. Reason? If the teacher was female and if she was really young, we would tease her a lot. We would ask funny questions and obviously irritate her to last bit of her endurance to tolerate teenagers.

But there are certain people, who do have this pride, being from SCIENCE! I had a physics teacher who would scold us, and I in fact recall one time, that she said, "If you want to learn more about this instrument, take science after class ten". She told that in her bitter tone and we were in class X. She was a trainee kid though. Maybe something wrong in NIE lol.

So in class XI, we were just bored, and one substitution chick came in. She wrote few things on the board, and she said you are suppose to tell those. It included our pet name also. And we insisted to her to remove that particular category. Now the things written were, Name, Village, Age and Why did you take Science?

Yes, too much of pride. First person to stand up was Sang Dorji Tamang. He stood up, with captain badge on his chest, and he answered every other thing, and the last answer was, "The reason why I took science was, hah, to become a truck driver". We all laughed, and he answered her in that way making his gho, and that trainee got pissed and said, I think you guys are just kidding! I laughed on that comment also. And just like that, threw her chalk, walked out of the class. But that was nothing, compared to Phanghu calling some of the madams as Shiri Devi.

But when I recall Phangu, I don't remember anything good about him. No no, he was an asshole when it came to be friends, but I remember his funny bad moments. Perhaps as mentioned his capacity as as many beer bottles as he can drink, which was more than seven bottles! And he was right about it, coz, first bottle got him drunk, and like any retard drunk prick, one surely can drink anything after that. It was my badge ceremony and when I went around, I saw him drunk being carried by Don, Banka, Deku, Lalit, Oro and Kinley Wangchuk. I being a captain, had to take care of him, or else, if any of the teachers saw him, especially those whom he teased their brains out, he would have been in a deep shit. So I ran towards them and asked them to take him away from the school, they were just bringing him to the basket ball court. There is a tea momo canteen behind the school, near Jigme Namgyel Lower Secondary. There was an open tap, so we thought, it would be best if we took him there. Banka was at on end and I don't remember the other guy, both of them were holding them and put Phangu's head below the tap. We were washing his big thick brain that could only memorize and never be rational. But what we forgot was that, there was a Vim Bar Soap that had weathered with time and with water. It was just Slurry of the soap now. Phangu just put his hand there as though a three year old would want to have his birthday cake his way. He put the soap in his mouth, I couldn't stop laughing at him. Phangu was totally passed out the whole time! He then started to spit and it resembled a rabies infected dog in a while! With drooping saliva!

We then took him towards Jigme Namgyel and made him lay on the grass. His position was X. Yes, legs and hands spread. But this dog was hungry, perhaps I shall say OX. Because the next thing that went into his mouth were those wet grasses, the floor was already wet with seepage from the water tank. Till date the story has been modified, we say that he ate those grass which was near the toilet! ha ha.
But he did graze it like an hungry OX!

Good old times, I remember. But please do continue, whereby some of our dear friends get rejected, some get beaten up by the police, and while one beats the crap out of a junior and put him to the drain. But there will be more coming, like some had their first cigarettes and some being slapped real hard!

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