Sunday, January 15, 2012

Troubled teen

This is a work of fiction. And I write this article out of my utmost imagination just to reflect on today's generation. Because believe it or not!  Present generation is having tough times than any other generation. Because good olden days people didn't have cars but they walked and working was something hard to do. Technology was their answer! But today's generation has to face more than that.

This is the work of fiction and I don't intent to cause any remorse or fury to my readers. Just some realization on where we are actually going wrong. But do believe that this is one hell of a sick writing that I am doing on my blog for the first time. And if anybody takes this article too personally or too inspirational in a wrong way, I don't take the blame. I am not responsible in that case. I however write this to show that people around should really stop infidelity and go homes, to their kids and spouses. Because, I have seen too much of these, lately. Enjoy reading. And this is a spontaneous writing. So The moment I stop, I won't look back at it. If you find any grammatical mistakes and typos, please forgive me.

Tshering! What are you doing? A noise came inside her. 
This way it is better! I don't have to go through things I had to. I can't take this anymore.

But Tshering! What about your little brother? 
I hope he manages, and maybe perhaps with this, my parents' notion towards themselves and raising kids might change!

But Tshering this is not only the option you are left with!
No! This is the only option I am left with. I talked with both of them, but they are more immature than I am. I am just a sixteen year old girl, and I don't want little Karma to suffer for my irresponsibility. But my parents are different. Both of them are cheating on the backs and the reason they are together, for us! As though they are doing us some favor!

Tshering! What about consequences your parents will bear? 
Why should I think of them now, when they never cared for my priorities in life. I asked them not to fight and if they don't love each other anymore, get divorced. I don't know where their marriage failed but love stories are not meant to be ending this way. I believed in fairy tales but true love never does exist. Because face it, not everyday you can eat rice and same curry. That is what marriage is for long run.

But shouldn't you realize that Your parents raised you from kid till this sixteen year old kid! Don't you have some sort of loyalty not to make them sad? 
I do know that. They gave me everything, when they faced trouble times. They had to walk hours to get to the nearest market and education for them wasn't easy. I know the hardships they faced. That is the difference between our generations. They had nothing, but yet had everything. We have everything, but yet nothing. No good relationship. Everybody wants to have more partners.

What about Dema? Your Best Friend? 
She is better off without me. I told her everything and when people are curious about me, the first thing that comes out from her mouth is about my parents! People either go sympathetic or just that some think I will do the same things that my parents are doing. Such orthodox thinking that they have weaved in their minds, I am just sick at looking around the pretentious people! Who know nothing but are just judgmental on things that they think they know. Just wait, I can forecast that People will take me as a coward with this act of mine. But they will never know what are the things I been through and I obviously know most of them will just say aiee while drinking their ales and that would be the end of it. Everybody has some self-interest in every other relationship.

But who is going to look after your brother? 
Karma is a smart kid. He will understand someday why I went this way. And his life will change. I know he will miss me, but I have left a letter for him. He will find that someday. The precise day, he will get that letter. I know how he will get and how he will behave after that letter. But I just hope and pray that someday he gets that letter as I wish.

You sure You will do this? 
I have had it enough. Now let me not think much. Let me do what I want to do.

Her brother Karma and her parents found her Hanging from the ceiling. The controversies raised like fire. People said that She didn't have good character and was more often into drugs to people finding her weird and just to herself. Few missed her. Everybody did mention that she was coward and she just left life.
That she ran away from the problems and she was at loss and nobody else. But few those who knew would have known that she somehow escaped her inferno, and that she turned into a beautiful butterfly from the suffocating cocoon.

Three years later, at the age of 16, Karma received a letter from his sister. He got it through Yahoomail. He was shocked at first and thought it was a spam. But his sister had timed the letter to be sent at this precise date, the date when she left.
The letter read:

Hi Karma,
I hope you are doing well and parents are not the same as they were. I am so sorry to not let anybody know why I did what I had to. I couldn't stand the pain and maybe I wasn't that strong to go on, seeing our parents fight everyday, both trying some excuses to sneak out to meet their lovers. I hope they are divorced now and you live with one of them, or with none of them. But what ever the thing is, I just had to end my life because I wasn't that strong or I was just too psycho enough to do so. But my brother, I have always imagined you to be a Great Man someday, man of principles. Never do what your parents did and Never get delusional by the  paths that your young blood shows. Because You have to live more, and you have to make your sister proud. 

I really don't know what else I have to write, because when you will get this letter, it would really be too late for you to reply and I just wanted to write this letter because with the family that we got, I am pretty much sure where you path will head after three years. So, this would just be an advice from my side. I will always love you, and I loved you ever since we were kids. And don't you ever think that I left you little brother, I just became a boulder to clear your path filled with pins and needles. 
With Love,
Ashim Tshering. 

Karma cried over for hours and finally knew the reason behind why she had passed away. Karma wouldn't have to change as his path, fortunately was on track. But what made him cry more, was the fact that his sister knew him the best and was concerned that after three years, he might turn into drug addict. But Karma hadn't. And Karma went on living a life, his parents would never understand to live, a new path his late elder sister had forged for him.


  1. Dawa, you told a usual story in an unusual tune. I liked the way you scheduled the email after 3 years.
    And just like you I hope kids don't read just the dark side of it. I wish more adults read it and know what is going on in their kids' minds.

    I too support Divorce more than daily fighting!

  2. thank you sir for reading it. and i second your thought. it is better to die once then be killed tortured. anyways sir, i hope things really change around us. god bless our kids...