Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Case Of Little Penjor

This work is fiction and any resemblance of this story to real life or real people is not intentional and I shall not be charged for that. Anyways, didn't read this one too after writing. So don't mind with my typos and grammatical errors.

It was chilly night, his parents fought again and this time, it was major. Three days later, he wanted to release himself from his sorrows and he wanted to do, the thing, thing that made him always liberated. But his conscience said that this only brought miseries to other people! No! I have to do it. He said to himself and ran away from home. His parents paid less attention to him. Usually happens when parents have their own fucked up issues and kids are not anymore their priorities.

Penjor! Don't fucking do it! His inner heart said, I have no options he muttered the words and put his hands in his pocket! To us it would have been masturbating but to him, equivalent to that, it was this thing, the thing!

He put his hands in his pocket and took out a match box! And suddenly, his mind went off to Ghakhar Town.
Aaaaaaaa........ the sound of a woman screaming came to his mind. That was something he could never get over with. But, what mesmerized him was that big ball of fire, the sound of it. The sound that was munching away the wooden structure and along with that his pain, he had felt liberated after he had seen his father punching his mother around the kitchen. Penjor never had a good childhood, what is good and bad? He never had a normal childhood. His father loved his mother before their marriage but his father started cheating his mother and always was possessive about his mother. Truth it is, when one says, the world is miserable through the eyes of a miserable man.

His agog interest in fire started when he turned thirteen, when his parents fought on new year's eve 2008! That night, he was never alone, he sense. The fire gave him energy and will to move on over his parents' fucked up lives. He was happy and didn't bother much about them fighting after getting drunk. That bon-fire! He always would remember. His urge for bigger fires and the thirst for starting one started when he turned 14. The Ghakhar Town had to see. Three times fire in a row over nine months, people were sympathetic in the beginning, later they were sorry and on the third time, the whole lot of people were against Ghakhar Town!

But later, when Penjor left, nothing happened in Ghakhar town and nobody would actually think that this little kid had such a potential. Hardly anybody would sense the smell of a Pyromaniac! Penjor Suffered from Pyromania and his only will to live through tough times were balls of fire. The bigger, the better. He could actually think better about himself and his self-esteem was never affected by his parents' sorry lives.

But tonight again, he had to do what would liberate him! Something nobody could imagine. Something nobody would think that this little kid was capable of!
He took out a stick, lit it. He had already poured kerosene on the hay which would liberate him. He then threw the lit stick. The fire caught up and he ran from there. 50m, behind the bush, and he was liberated, he ran like he was chased by wild dogs. He hid himself behind the bush and saw this town burn, for the second time after his arrival! The fifth fire said his conscience but his conscience was defeated by his liberation.

Next day, the news read, second time fire in the village of Porkha! 


  1. Too much for a little Penjor to take in all those thing, the thing you mentioned.

  2. Nice fiction.. you should write more often