Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Confession of a Confused Mind

Our generation fortunately or unfortunately is more confused than ever and more mysterious than ever.

Why so? Science is just like chatni (pickle) served while the main course on table still is superstitions, beliefs and faiths. Yes, we have defined atom and day by day we turn more systematic and good for those, who never mind to go along with the flow of systems, Winners they brand them! But I however am that little eddies, who want to know where we actually are heading? Is it wrong to seek answers?

But I am more confused today than I ever was, reasons? I didn't mind believing in Santa and he was unavailable in Bhutan as we were not Christians. But I have come a very far from those believes and my faith in any religion is vague and obscure. Am I being more of pragmatic or I am turning more cynical day by day? And should that give those religious alter boys to dislike me for having my faith? But then again, I have seen and felt things which  science's reasons would never be reasonable unless those science nerds come to the only conclusion they always have, branding me insane. But I have challenged my beliefs and it didn't give me answer but just confused me more, am I levitating over that thoughts which normal people have faith in or am I just wasting my time? Am I even above or below normal people or does this make me, exactly normal? Does that even sound narcissist?

Any society is integrated with their social beliefs and those who are not believers, they are integrated by fear of the next society that can kick their asses any time. Should we say that we all are bunch of pussies? Yes, Americans scared about any other third countries' nation or a middle east nation going nuclear or remaining of the nations all over the world being scared of America and their black ops be it toppling a nation by war, recession or poverty? Applaud to Cubans.

Who is god? What is god? Should I use capital 'g' as in God or just stick with many of them and select 'g's' as in gods? I however am amazed about copious amount of Gods and (gods)s. But the faith in religion is more diluted by personal interests than the actual interest, what actually should have been there on the first hand, ie., to serve the god. But serving god has merged into much of personal interests that anything, as most of the serving god acts are getting rid of those who didn't serve your god. Don't believe me? Strip off your mask, just look at yourself how would you react to the situation, if tomorrow your daughter wants to get married to a Muslim, Buddhist, Christians, Hindu or Sikh and all other remaining religions who never made it to media.

Why is it that we are what we are and do we really deserve to have that right to socialize? Just because we use the mere line: nobody is perfect, does that particular belief give us rights to socialize faking our-self, fooling others? And others are doing just the same!

How does loyalty work? Are we to be loyal to those who does good to us and just be obnoxious to those whom we never liked? If so, then how can we be religious? Doesn't our religion teach us to be nice to everybody? Even religious scripts are asking us, yes, asking us, begging us to be nice, because somebody already figured out our masks a long time ago. And if we say that, we don't have to be cent percent religious and can be lenient on some issues then why not be lenient on that issue which would make your daughter happy by getting married to any boy who follows any religion be it the ones you liked or never made into your list? Aren't we being hypocrites?

And why are we so scared of the term racism? If you practice that, then be prepared to be branded as one. You want to be racist and at the same time, you don't want others to point fingers on you. Where is your conscience?

I have never come to find answers for my questions, maybe perhaps I haven't come in terms with myself. Maybe we all are bound to be flexible and do things on our interests and don't get bothered about which infant dies out of AIDS or starvation. Maybe, I should be thankful for the plate of rice in front of me, and don't pretend that I care about the dead ones when I shouldn't be caring about those who are alive. And I know, when a system flows, eddies are on surface and most of them never appear to make any impressions to anybody. Perhaps with few bubbles. Few however survive beautifully being vortexes, but vortexes are too, however, very much temporary because there is only one uni-directional paradigm and paradigm shifts are just change in the banks or bed levels, the direction never changes. Just a confused mind, figured out that thinking over things like those, is just a waste of time.

Not meant to hurt anybody or piss anybody. Apologies if you find your self reflection out there.


  1. Religion is made by human beings. Do not waste any time even on about it. Instead, respect Nature, abibe stictly by it'a law. Get along with the law of nature, that way you will be the excellent religious persons. Fuck all rituals. It is all human-adopted bullshits

  2. Religion is made by human beings. Do not waste any time thinking about it. Instead, respect Nature, abibe stictly by it'a law. Get along with the law of nature, that way you will be the excellent religious persons. Fuck all rituals. It is all human-adopted bullshits!!!