Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bunch of Hypocrites?

Now let me not define the word and make this article a boring one. Let's see, who can figure this out? The Hippocratic Oath becomes Hypocritical the moment noble profession is taken as a profession of making money. Yes, if you were a Doctor you would understand well, and for those who are not, do google it. But one way or the other, whether a Doctor is paid more or less, in long run, we however see Hippocratic Oath becoming Hypocritical and the men, who should be the follower of Hippocrates himself, become Hypocrites.

Now I don't hold grudge against all the doctors but few of them are too arrogant, making us hard to forget not to have grudge. Few days ago, my boss met with an accident and he is a cool man. He was accompanied by a fellow Architect and it was due to attachment that we went inside the Emergency ward. Our intention however, wasn't to form a boy band and perform there. A recently graduated doctor comes and he talks as though, he is the boss there. Let's say yes, he is the boss. But my boss is older than him, Chey isn't something one younger citizen should be giving to the older ones. That did make me furious. But later on, what made me laugh was this. Actually what really made me laugh were these, the doctor's funny questions! But then again, I have to cover an article over hypocrisy so, I can't write much about the doctor incident. Am I being Hypocrite too? Okay, I will give you one incident for that.

The doctor said, please, the remaining should leave the premises, I am getting confused! I was like, hey douche bag, five minutes ago, didn't we introduce you to the patients!

I am not an anthropologist, but I sort of like to study society and all I have found is much of hypocrisy. Why?

Look around and I won't ask you to look around carefully, because you don't need to be extra sharp to understand society or things that actually are going around.

The heights of Hypocrisy,
Keeps my mind busy,
World cries for peace,
but all we teach, preach or bleach,
be it near or far,
our expenditures on war,
everybody wants to be romeos and juliets,
everybody wants to have opportunity of infidels,

Oh Fug. I am no poet! What I meant to say, was we all are hypocrites and we are doing a great job in it. We don't want the glaciers to melt, but at the same time, we don't want to lose that opportunity to our comfortable lives either. Why should I be caring about global warming and climate change and people dying in Africa? I rather take care of the rabbit that is dead on my yard. All in all, we are all hypocrites. We can't tolerate corruption, but when we can have the big share, we don't mind. Now don't give me that line that I am not like that. Well corruption is not the only medium to be judged for hypocrisy. And yes, we all are hypocrites. And we all are doing a great job. That is why, reality check is much more better aspect of living than getting yourself advice from people who were over achievers or under achievers. And if nobody is just the same and you believe that you are different, shouldn't it be obvious not to listen to anybody's advise? Because everybody is different and there isn't a fixed advice. Isn't it so? Anyways, I hope I made my point here. So, next time, you are knocking on my door saying, hey, let's go save some tigers or green forest, I will give you my middle finger because You actually don't care about the humans and you are up, standing on my door with a notion to do, an act to be done, which only serves your ego! I hope you got my point. And yes, not many will like this post at all. But that is hypocrisy in itself too.

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