Thursday, November 10, 2011


Who is Happy and What is Happiness? 
Now this would be really easy to answer if you exactly knew how to define happiness. Is it just a mere showing of feeling of satisfaction or pleasure? Happiness has got more to that. Individuals have their own say about happiness because not everybody will be happy after punching some douche bags. 
You see, to find the answers of happiness, I just thought over happiness. What does happiness really mean to me? I went blank. Happiness, that feeling might be static, but causes are dynamic and versatile. Because what will make me happy, will not (or did not) make me happy in future (or in past). There it is, just a confusing fact, happy and happiness.
But one would question, hey, I was happy when I got a job. Yes, you should be, because by all definition you were happy, but are you happy now? How and why is happiness short lived? And someday down the line, who knows, that very reason-job, will be your sole reason to be unhappy. So hence the cause of happiness being versatile and dynamic. 

It is confusing isn't it. And I don't give you the causes and definitions of unending happiness, only those who are Buddha can be happy or contempt forever, maybe that is why Dalai Lama smiles all the time. But you aren't Buddha, are you? And you don't live like one, do you? How can we expect to be happy? With all due respect, I tell you one thing, our happiness is short lived, just like making love or ejaculating. 

But you were happy once weren't you? Was that time when you got something? And if feeding yourself is the basis of your happiness, then, I will not give you that line: You will never be happy. I however tell you: You will not always, be happy. 

And the more I think about happiness, the more I get confused. And please, helping someone not always makes you happy. It did in the past, but many jerks are there, just to use you. Don't increase your circle, keep it among your friends for favors. And only an enlightened soul can get over the fact, that you were too dumb to fall as his prey.
But laughter and smiles, are those all we got to express our happiness. There is more to it, but let me not go there now. Confusingly, I conclude, I don't know happiness. Perhaps at times I get over excited with new things, and sometimes, happiness just is, absence of sadness for me. 

{in this article Buddha means the Enlightened one and with no reference to Gautam Buddha.}

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