Monday, November 21, 2011

The Betrayed Woman

"Go Fuck yourself!" She yelled at him in rage. She left that room slamming the door, with that noise of thud. That noise gave her goosebumps she had in five years. Everything was going down the drain, everything that she had just seemed shattering, she knew it! The irony of relationship: it is elastic in nature. One moment you are on top of world, the next, you been walked on by everybody, in fact, if there is any equivalence to this medium, I would compare the sands of Colosseum during Nero's reign, where every other chariot rod and the compliment was the very streams of blood of gladiators.

She felt so sediment-ed, she felt so weak, she felt nobody loved her except herself. Every other moment she had with him, now became the maggots on her skin, peeling her off, ripping her every bit. But she managed to leave the building, with tears in her eyes, her legs trembling, her arms crossed and she in desperate need to lean on someone's shoulder. The world was a curse for her, she being alive was her inferno and she knew she would never forget that prince charming turned prick!

She cursed the sky, she cursed the air, she cursed herself, she cursed him, she cursed god, she cursed every little thing that was around her and made her think of him.

She walked towards the park, she sat on the bench and lit a cigarette, one good placebo effect utility to drive your tension. With every puff, she started to lose her confidence, was she getting unattractive? She thought, and what happened to his promises and plans? What happened to loving each other till the end? Every other thought with a question, questions she never could solve in that particular period.

Towards the end, she regretted spreading her legs for him, because he was ready to munch on every other spread legs. What a bummer she thought and threw her fifth cigarette butt in a row, walked from the park bench and realized, her heart was now pierced and how much ever she would try, her heart would always have that scar.

Some memories never end, some broken hearts never mend, this song made sense to her, including Nazareth's 'Love Hurts'. And she hated every other love songs that played on Billboards, for the time being though, because she again had many occasions to spread her legs, hate songs and think over and over gain, all men are dogs. 

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