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Motithang Days: E5 XI Science B

Motithang Days: E5

Class IX science B.

We were the first batch of students in Motithang, when the school got upgraded to Higher Secondary.
You see, there were two sections of Science and one for Commerce. The commerce kids were around 40s or 50s and in each Science Section, we had around 28 students in each.

You see, I was what the high school boys might say, in LOVE and went to Commerce for a week. I know, nobody would do that, but I did it. I was there for a week, the Teachers and Principal herself would always lecture me to give up commerce and go to science. That is a controversy, because most of cousins who took science never made it to professional scholarship. And for me, well, most of my relatives think that if other cousins couldn’t do it, I surly won’t be able to do it. That was the notion, and well, they always underestimated me. But, I was in commerce, looking her back. She didn’t give a horse shit. One week later, after Madam CM Thapa’s and Sir Megraj’s advice, I went to science.

But that one week was funny. Commerce teachers wanted me to stay there, one of the Sirs, whispered this to my ear, “Don’t go to Science. If you do, then you either have to be fucking Engineer or Fucking doctor, or else, three years of sherubtse and you are a bloody teacher!”

I however left for science. When I told that I wanted to go for Science to my principal, she was really happy. I went to science and I wanted to be section A. Today, I think, I could have made the bargain for the section, but then again, if I had gone in Section A, I would never meet my friends.

The moment I was outside my new classroom, Sir Dinesh who was teaching biology, saw me and my bag, and told this: Have you lost your way? I laughed, he laughed. He was my House Master and he was one of the most motivating teachers I have ever come across with. The moment I entered the class, the boys everybody started to clap. It was out of their mischief that they clapped, but I liked it.

For one year, I won’t know most of them. I would be sharing my desks with many, but I never hung out with those boys.

But, being in this class, it was really fun. And unlike most of the batches around the world or in Motithang itself, we are more than classmates. We became best friends. We became the trouble makers during the high school days, but while we left from Motithang, we were Motithang’s Pride. Because, first batch of students, everybody was concerned and shockingly, around 7 qualified for professional courses abroad, 1 for sherubtse, 5 went to CST, 2 went for becoming Diploma Engineers and remaining went for teaching and those who didn’t like teaching, they went to study themselves. That was from my class, science A, I however don’t remember much. And I don’t see all the Science A boys hanging out together as well, because they forgot working in team I presume.

And, I am not sure, but I hope it did boast the morale of Motithang, anyways, ever since 2006, Motithang students have done better than us.

Ah, I got carried away with my classmates that I forgot to write stories about XI Science B incidents. Those are really funny ones, and I hope you don’t want to miss them. I will write about it next time, but let me brief little about the incidents. It involves: jail, love stories, drugs, fight, pissing teachers, black listing, frens crying, frens leaving, frens getting close and finally, me getting close to these bunch of people. 

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