Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trip To Haa

You see, yesterday morning, me and my friends planned for Trip to Haa. Now I didn't have anything to do with the visit. My friend, who is a Haap, Phub Tshering is an Architect. He is a fresh graduate from NIT Bhopal but an efficient Architect. His work however was to prepare a layout for Nya-chu Haa. Yes, it involves fishes, domestic ones though.

But before I go to explaining about every bits and bytes of details regarding my trip to Haa, I will tell you how this article will be. This article involves pics and captions. Don't miss the captions!

This pic was taken while we stopped for a canteen. 
While Driving, we were making fun out of each other. We were talking about silly things, when suddenly this thing came out. Haa people are tough people. Haa road is a tough one (seriously trust me on that, it is very very tough with all those turnings and narrow width. If Micheal Schumacher drove on Haa roads, he would either throw up after 15 minutes or he would be below road somewhere, yet to be discovered.) Now those were the only things, suddenly, it was quite cold, so Haa weather became tough too. Then we noticed one thing, we noticed that dogs didn't move when they saw vehicles. Haa dogs are also tough. We laughed at Phub. Who is a hardcore Haap, born and raised.

This pic clearly shows the toughness of the Haa Dogs. Didn't even give a damn while we  were in Vehicle lol. 

So Finally, we reached our destination, Haa. But Namgay Dorjee, who had actually been to Nya-Chu before, forgot its way. The only thing he remembered was that in his previous visit, the host of that office fed him intestines, pork paa and shakam paa. He also remembered that he licked his fingers but he didn't even know the name of his host. We laughed at him for that. We somehow managed to reach Nya-Chu, which was when I asked the road side worker, where the fishing is done? To this, they laughed! 

So we reached our destination, Nya-Chu only to find out that it was locked. 

Phub Tried to call the people inside who were working. But to no avail. 
So Phub jumped inside and Namgay too Jumped inside. They laughed at me and didn't wait for me, you see, a fat boy can't climb a gate which has got pointed edges. I thought of waiting. And just played with the gate, when this happened. 

When this Happened, I laughed at them. The gate was open, we just had to push it. Physics and Mechanics lol.
Inside Nya-chu, three of us took some pictures and noted things that would help Phub to do Landscaping of this particular area. After that, we left from there to Phub's Village. It is called, Haa-Tey or Chu-something. I still don't remember it. Anyways, the place was awesome.

After reaching to Phub's house, we were given a very delicious meal, which Namgay wanted to have more but since all of us were done with the Lunch, he felt shy to eat alone. 

After our lunch, we went to see around Phub's Father's and Mother's houses. The village was totally affected by the earthquake that occurred on 18th of September, at 6:41 pm BST with magnitude of 6.9 on reitcher scale. 

you see, this got me thinking. Earthquake might have shaken many things,  even the utensils for practicing man's fate towards god. But Fate can't be shaken off. 

We reached home late. And all of us were tired. We thought of taking the Cheylay Pass way, but the road was blocked. My dream to reach that pass remains a dream. Ps: we had forgotten Phub's Hot Flask near the gate of Nya-chu, after four hours, it was there, untouched. That is the specialty of Bhutan. 


  1. Oi, the tough dog on the rough road was the funniest part. You should have scolded the dog for not obeying the Dasho's on their way ;)

    In between, the earthquake effect in Haa seems to be a severe case that needs renovation of the places. I believe the government is going to assist the people of Haa.

    Anyways,loved the last two scenes of the articles. It was quite refreshing after seeing the cracks on the walls.

    All in all, looks like you had fun with your friends :D

  2. well..u have actually insulted haaps mentionin abt their sure are u of this?? anyways, u got a nice article abt ur trip to haa and plz give the credit of the flask not being touched to tough haaps nt to bhutan...