Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I don't Understand.

Not to offend anyone. Like it if you are confused too.

My idea about everything is becoming more vague, I don't know whether I am falling sleep or I am just awakening with the things around me, that I really don't understand.

I don't understand many things, things those were actually making sense previously, but is insanity kicking in me so fast that I now don't have iota of room for understanding? Here are the little things of many, that I don't understand.

This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to New York Island..... Bruce Springsteen sang. You really listen to that song, and you too won't understand many things. What I don't understand is this: no man ever created a land, but yet, one has to buy it from man and organisations created by him (conglomerates and government bodies). I don't understand why we have international bodies whereby people are biased according to their nationality, creed, ethnic and colour? But we ask for world peace. But with absence of international boundaries, law and order is impossible. But is it really impossible? Just because we didn't see it happen, can we be judgmental and brand that world peace can never be achieved?

Now same comes for water, nobody created it. Mother nature made it for us, and well, we get taxed for using it. Bottom line why is everything associated with money? Will man ever realize that money can not be digested? But hey, we can't have this attitude towards money, can we? Because in long run, money supporters always win. And should I go for AIR? The air is getting polluted, I don't know how, and by how much, the conglomerates didn't give me any figures on that. But, when everything is related with money, shouldn't the conglomerates pay the general public for polluting land, air and water? Forget about money, not all of us are money minded, just apologize. Rather they hire good lawyers to shield themselves.

The other thing I don't understand is, movie stars.You know, be it Govinda or Johnny Lever to Kadhar Khan to Shakti Kapoor, why is that they are famous? They are famous because they worked for movies, which general people bought tickets for, and watched. But isn't it that funny, that those every people who made them what they are have to wait for them. Actually, people, aren't we the employers of those guys? And they give us that smirk of having achievements, isn't that our contributions? Some might go for 3rd class seats and pay them 10 bucks, some 30 and some 50. With those amounts, they get what makes them rich. Actually, my notion might be really arrogant, but I don't think actors and singers are obliged to wave and throw flying kisses to general public, they are suppose to say THANK YOU and well, make their two hands into one and say Namesty. Yes, few of the politicians iconic moves. But with so called STARS done, I move into POLITICIANS.

Now politicians are different set of people. They don't ask for our money, they just want our votes. So, before the votes (in reference to the world and not just my country), Politicians are well known all over the world for their promises which are buildings in the castle. Before they get where they are, they will do whatever that would assure them votes. But as soon as they win the elections, and they get the post, the situation becomes reverse. The same general public has to ask for their rights, those roads that they (politicians) once promised. But the moment they are into problems, yes something that general public should know, they try it to hide? Why should they hide it? Now that they are with good posts whereby general public has to request them to do things that they once promised? You know, there always comes another session whereby they again have to ask the same people for votes. And one should really be dumb to vote for the same politician. And I don't understand, why at times, the very politicians who were pushed to those posts decide for the general public what to do and what not to? Well, I agree that the society must be protected and the crime rates should be brought down, but there are certain things that clashes with general public's interest.

Another thing I am never to understand is Tax system, even Albert Einstein said, that, Tax system is the toughest thing to understand in this world. When the Genius, the man himself didn't understand it, how am I, an average being understand it? And yes, we always get to hear that our tax money is used to pay for general public's well being. But with that, land was charged and water too. I still don't get it.

Another thing I don't get is, the smart kids will study hard, be it anywhere, will either think of becoming Doctor, Engineer or Architect or Lawyer. Why so? And towards the end of the day, they just realize or they don't realize at all that, one day they just wake up to see Harry setting laws for them. But you know what they will know? They will only know that Harry wasn't a good student when they were in high school.
Why don't we have good smart people going for teaching? Does the quest for knowledge stops the moment you get off the college and you are out there, just to make more money?

Now money is something that holds every problem together. At least I understand this. And whether you want to agree or not, you all Thimphu residents are working for Banks. Yes, you don't have to be employee of any of the Banks, you all are working for Banks, directly or indirectly. Because, every month you have to pay house rent, which consists of your 40% plus of your salary. And that money, only a certain share is kept by your house owner. The remaining is given to the Bank, whose interest the owners have to pay for some years. Maybe 10 or 15 or 20 years. So you see, we all work for the Banks. Some of us work directly, and some of us, unknowingly work to pay for someone's loan, of course we rent the house, expensively.

The better solution would be, you team up, team up around 12 people. Make sure 2 are willing to take attic apartments, make them pay less. So 12 of you, collect money, buy land, and build house. You pay the loan from your salary. So after certain years, you at least get an apartment for yourself and if you don't want to be in Thimphu, sell it. But I know, this is not going to happen, because, again, I don't understand, the moment money gets involved, your thinking to make someone pay more and you less, kicks in and I wonder how you become Buddhist towards the end of day with so much of affections towards money and yourself.

And hey, did you know that I don't understand the Banks too. No wonder I keep all my money between the books. What I don't understand is, one has to work his butt off and wishes to save. So he has to give it to the bank, which in return needs money to run their business. Some will give lakhs and some cores and some hundreds and some thousands. With Contributions, they run themselves. But if you fail to keep the minimum balance, you are fined. Hey what happened to my previous month when I kept more money? The interest that you gave me is too low comparing to the fine that you are making me pay. But anyways, we are general public so we have no say. I don't understand banks at all. Because it is like, I am asking Keazang to hold my money, for which he will pay me few coins in return, and it is my money so I have to pay him some minimum balance in the beginning and if I fail to maintain a minimum balance for a month, Keazang is going to charge my butt with certain amount. Well, why can't I ask Keazang to be thankful for having so many people with their minimum balances that would sum up to cores? Where does that money go Keazang? ATM? But you charged me for that services too. You see these are the little things, that I don't understand. And I also didn't ask you Keazang that how much debt I have to bear for every single Currency? I didn't question you while you made the deal with Federal Reserve for the cost of one dollar or rupee? I didn't ask how much of that debt I am to bear and I am to pay, along with my fellow citizens?

I know you will not like this article and comment on it. Anyways, if you made it this far, congratulations.

In the squares of the city - In the shadow of the steeple
Near the relief office - I see my people
And some are grumblin' and some are wonderin'
If this land's still made for you and me.


  1. there are many things you dont understand we are never meant to understand these things....just learn the art of dealing with money thing whether in good way or money-minded way......:)...

  2. so, Dawa has started earning, and now it seems he does not want to loss what he earn, which is why he worries about money a lot. We need to understand our self before to understand the complex world. Earn money and spent it. Take and Give... :)

  3. Dear Boys. I haven't started to earn. This is what I was thinking. You see, why is it everything that is around entangled with money? if it wasn't there, creativity would be unleashed fully. that is it.