Monday, September 12, 2011

Sketch For Charity!

When I learnt sketching, I was often discouraged by my father. Painting was something I was not asked to do. But as time passed and he in fact started to like my work, he was one among the most encouraging man. I still remember the first set of water colours that was bought by mother for me. She so becomes the next encouraging person and most encouraging among the women.

I had interest in paintings since my Nursery school. How do I remember it? Well I don't know. But I still remember how patiently I could sit and finish off painting the hats, cats and anything which were given. But I don't remember doing it in school, I remember doing those off hours, while Micheal Aunty gave us tuition. She was from Kalingpong, but her husband worked in Royal Technical Institute. She taught me many things in life, and when I qualified for professionals, she asked for a treat. I thought I would go back to Khuruthang and give her treat (because her husband was working there then in the year 2007), but she passed away that month due to Diabetes. She was given medicines for Pressure while she had Diabetes.

I have a brother, he is quite elder to me by age. But since we were neighbors since childhood, we are buddies today. he He can really sketch and paint. He can sketch looking at a person's face. He is the most creative fellow I have ever come across with. But with days, his zeal for sketching has gone. He someone has been my role model all the time. He directly or indirectly taught me how to sketch. I always did things that he did, in a way or two, I wanted to be like him. His name is Lok Bahadur Mongar. He is currently an Engineer working for DGPC. Most efficient in Baso Chhu. I heard from his colleagues.

So this was my journey to the world of painting and sketching. Oops, I forgot another brother. His name is Mahesh Kumar Tamang. Yes, the very potter boy who once was featured on K2. He taught me how to paint banners. But then again, Lok taught me how to paint better banners.

So from class VIII, I been painting banners till date. And I am not bluffing folks, from class VIII till XII, my earnings exceeded one Lakh. Because believe it or not, when you paint a banner, one letter is rated as 25 bucks. So, at times, one banner would give me minimum of Rs. 2000/-.

Today I am a Civil Engineer. And to be really frank, when I went for my professional studies, I met with all modes of people. I made friends with people from the east, who had never even reached Thimphu in their lives lived. I have heard stories, which would be too personal to share here. So, you see, yesterday I just came across this school, LINCHEN PRIMARY SCHOOL's blog. This school's location, I still don't know. I was amazed to five or four students in one class. That is one hell of remote place now. I wanted to help them, but I have my own responsibilities and being eldest, trust me, I have more responsibilities. With this I thought over night, how to help. Suddenly this struck into my mind, why don't I SKETCH FOR CHARITY?

Yes, SKETCH FOR CHARITY. Who doesn't want a portrait? Even though I am not good at it and time is something I won't be getting, why not work during the weekends? I didn't and don't want to ask people for money, that would you know raise the eyebrows and some will make fun out of me. So I sketch. That way, I am working and I am not begging. If I am sending this money, then nobody can actually say anything because technically this would be my money because I am going to give service. So if I don't take this money and give it to charity, that would be from my side. Isn't it?

So I came up with this plan. I will sketch, and the one who is being sketched can pay me as much as he wants to. BE IT 20 BUCKS. So I have a page created in Facebook which in fact is name SKETCH FOR CHARITY. Those interested can send me mails in And please I request you folks to send me pics which have better picture of your face and bigger in pixels.
And since money is involved, and to make sure that fraudulent is not involved, I will be updating the sketched pic and the amount paid to me and also the total amount that is being made.

This money will be deposited in bank and it is going to be a life long project, whereby I will sketch anybody. The interest generated will be sent to schools in the east or students who are in need of it. Now selection criteria for that would be difficult. I need suggestions on that, but I wanted to give that amount to those students who would qualify for professional studies. Because I have seen how many sacrifices they have made. Life is not easy. Not for you and not for me. But well, it is better to do things and have actions done, rather than updating status on facebook. Yes, my status were all frustrated ones, whereby I wrote too much about poverty and inequality. Nothing will happen with words. I want to help now. This is my little contribution. Please, ask me to sketch you. From 1st of October, I will be in full swing. I am 22 now, by the time I reach 40, I think I can help around 20 schools in the east. I hope so. Wish me Luck!

ps: remember that when I sketch, sometimes Kajol looks like Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt looks like Khadhar Khan. But I will try not to spoil your face la.

If you want to see my sketches please click here. 

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  1. This is very wonderful initiative. We are all very proud how you committed you are. It is not about sketching. It is not about money. It is about wanting to help other people. Very noble work that you are doing. All my support. I will send my picture soon.