Friday, September 2, 2011

Motithang Days: E 3

You see, there are only few of us, who would have this story, I NEARLY.... became the quiz participant, became the debater, stood first, lost my virginity and etc. Well in my case, I nearly got selected for Extempore speech, debate and quiz ever since I was a kid. Motithang didn't bring much glorious stories either, because when I didn't rule a house, I wasn't getting opportunity, and when I got one, I didn't want to take it, and when I had to take under compulsion because there were nobody to participate, I joined and screwed the shit out of my house.

This however, is not one of those stories. It is a different one, whereby I was selected to go on workshop, whereby it was well, a counselling workshop. There, people talked about puberty, and of course, masturbation. Yes, we are taught about the drugs and the sex in our high schools and towards the end, when they make sure that we know how to do it, fix a joint out of a mere plant, of course the manufacturing of the JOINT too, we are given a sign boards, saying YOU CAN'T DO THOSE WHICH WE JUST TAUGHT YOU HOW TO DO IT! I feel, most of the kids learn from there, and I feel I too learnt about gravity from there, and well, these knowledge are good, because me and my frens became popular in college level. We taught them how to do gravity.

So, this workshop, I was a class nine student and well, every other student from every other schools came. Yes, most of them were entering puberty, and we were the few selected ones who would actually figure out why the furs were growing all over us, and we were supposed to know the reason behind it and go back to our schools and tell other folks why Karma is having pubic hair and why he needs to masturbate in order to avoid himself from being a psychopath.

My father too works in the same department, and he thought I won't be speaking a shit. But I did. I showed how flexible my arms were and I could move them like David Copperfield doing his magic tricks, especially when he is tied up. I showed them how I could stretch my neck and actually, visually be visualized as KING COBRA. I also showed them, the punchline, how I can move my eyes. Most of the gals screamed at it. Back in Junior High, one of my female Frens called me Mr. Vibrator. Well, this day, if I am to look back, I feel like that name was sort of salesman title to the ultimate gift of technology to all single women who can't get laid.

I was sort of popular towards the end of the workshop, and I was asked to talk about Motithang. Yes, I told them this, IF YOU COME TO MOTITHANG, YOUR HAIR WON'T GROW LONGER THAN MINE. YOUR GHO LENGTH WON'T BE SHORTER THAN MINE. Everybody was like, TSKKKKKKKk......

They all knew that we were the most strictest school in the whole of Bhutan, at least we were to be known as one.

When I came back, the next day, some big mouth girl told this incident to this BIG mouth Madam especially ordered from Kerala. Actually, she won't have made a big fuss out of it, had I not laughed on her INDIglish accent. She once said, MONKEY JUMpaED from the TAbaLA. I laughed on her face and she told me that the my class window was too big, that I could be thrown out of it. I was pissed with her, and she was with me. I had actually topped physics along with my fren Namgay Dorjee during the Mid Term Exam.

So this BIG Mouth madam told my Class teacher and for one hour, I was made to Stand UP and listen to her scoldings. She scolded me for good reason, Now that I know. Because you see, life doesn't go like we wish it to be. It takes diplomacy, licking asses, compromising and selling yourself. I am yet to do the licking asses and selling myself. If any cougars in the town, please contact me.

Anyways, I got the scolding, I was told that my chances for being a school captain is high and I should not go around talking shit about our school. I however, still haven't figured out why I was not asked to do so. Because that was all hardcore truth. And regarding the captain post, I told this on my Class Teacher's face, I DON'T WANT TO BE A CAPTAIN.

Well, I didn't become the school captain of Motithang, but they did let me become House Captain of Motithang. And you know what? My house was Wangchuck House. It came first for once under my reign. After that, it didn't matter much. Not during those days, now, it doesn't matter. But how is a captain picked up in Motithang during our days? They would call our names and we had to go stand up in the assembly clapping at other names being called. So, yes, if your name is up and you don't want to do it, no democracy. You are obliged to do the duty. So yes, I was appointed that way. Nobody told me why and how? Two years later, one of my teachers knew that I didn't want to become one. Because, I never listened to teachers when my Lines were not straight. I would ask my members to form lines. But hey, that doesn't mean I did a shitty job as a captain. When in class twelve, I was given the hardest student on the counselling club to be handled.  He had already gone in prison for three times. I didn't change him much, but, he did leave smoking and drinking. I however don't know where he is today. After making that boy leave those bad habits, I started to drink and smoke, that however is a different story.

I didn't make enemies, because within three months, I mistakenly found out that, between the administration and members, one should select the members and not administration. Namgay still tells me that people come by and talk to us, because we didn't act bossy during those days, we were frens with them.

When I think about high school days, I was so invincible, maybe perhaps, I didn't learn that the world was mean, and money mattered in every other thing. I miss my zeal for doing everything, and actually having things get done in my style. I however miss them. And no matter how much I try to relive those days, recover those zeal, I fail every other step. Perhaps, we all are bound to have ups and downs in life. My ups were too early in my life, when I really didn't need them much.

This was how Class Nine Ended up. And After class ten, everything changed. I became a house Captain who didn't speak with his Female House Captain for the rest three years. Just because we fought in class nine and I had crush on her, that made me hate her. But that is for next article. I shall write next day. I am slightly drunk now, and yes, one hell of a night. Do remind me of my grammar mistakes.

And most of you might be having this feeling of me being a narcissist, but well, when you share your experience, there is no other way but to use the first person 'I' and not Dawa or HE. 

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