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I as a citizen

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I as a citizen

If I had shackles in my feet, will that make me a good citizen? 
Most often when citizenship is involved, the term itself triggers a mode to right to rights to the minds of general public, albeit iota of notion towards serving the nation is thought. This leaves us with the notion towards citizenship that we can conclude by a conclusion: our notion towards citizenship is obscure and distorted.

I am a Lhotsampa, my father is from Tsirang and mother from Trashi Yangtse, leaving me with a Lhotsampa surname. Does being ‘where you are from’ play a role in being a good citizen? No it doesn't. In spite of what creed, colour and race, one can be a good citizen. Will I contributing to nation’s GDP immensely make me a good citizen? No! Because, a man with wealth who treats his fellow citizens as assets and not as a human beings can never fall into the category of true good citizen.  I should not feel shoddy about myself and bridge the gap where difference might occur and be means to unite people. Today I see myself as a symbol of love, whereby two people (my parents) spat on the face of endogamy and didn’t actually care about their societal differences. One nation, one people truly is one of our mottos.

Will I as a Prime Minister be a good citizen? It won’t if I think and put myself in front and legislate and execute deeds, deeds that would benefit nobody but me. Will I serving government be a good citizen? That too won’t work, if I just see the government as a mass recruiting firm which would provide me with trainings, tours and further studies. I should not practice nepotism but should employ those who are deserving candidates.

Will I as a religious being be a good citizen? Yes, I should be religious but shouldn’t connive for myself interest in the name of religion and god. I believe that one should not be good for the expectations of glories of heaven, fear of hell and life afterwards. One should be good from his heart and practice nonviolence as reflex. One should never forget to live this life in the urge and verge of living another one.

Will wearing National dress as a means to boast my appraisals, possessing citizenship identity card and passport make me a good citizen? That surly makes me a citizen but not a good citizen. I should love my country which I do and should be ready to get a bullet for my nation which too I am keen to, if the purpose is to preserve the sovereignty of my nation.

A good citizen is the one who not only praises his nation all the time. A patriot differs from good citizen because good citizen is not an extremist nationalist. Yes, nationalism should be there, but we shouldn’t be too blinded that it causes chaos to neighboring nations. One should understand the importance of having sound relationship with his neighboring nations. If I was an Aryan during the Second World War, I wouldn’t have become jingoist and supported the fascist Nazis be it I were given a post in Wayne SS. Before we become citizens of any nation, we must first remember that we are world’s citizens first.
Good citizen should preserve culture, agree or disagree; culture and tradition make nations attain sovereignty. A good citizen should also know about his country’s history, but should not try to relive it, how much ever glorious it might be. Because globalization has no place for a person who thinks he is a Crusader, even for the descendant of Saladin himself.

I can only be called as a true good citizen if I am not corrupt and must understand that corruption creates imbalance in society. If I am to be corrupt with copious amount of public money, I am creating nothing, but voids. And to fill up those voids, somewhere a starving family’s father (whose cause I will be in an indirect way due to my greed and act of corruption), will take law in his hand and who knows, might start shop lifting, mugging people or even crimes of greater magnitude and intensity. One should always remember that that one will hinder the natural flow of money if he is to take refuge in corruption, which later not only hampers individuals who have sole right to that money but also creates nuisance in the balance of society.

I should not shirk any responsibilities and sham who I am not. I should not be optimistic all the time. I should also be cynic and a critic at times if being so, benefits my nation. If I were in Middle East and was called to stone a woman who has an allegation for practicing adultery, should I join the herd or stand against? I choose to be later, because it doesn’t serve any logic and doesn’t require rocket science just to figure out what is right and wrong. One should know that. Sometimes, you have to piss around right and wrong people to get things righteously done.

To galvanize rights and citizenship, one should vote, because for a good citizen to be worse is to be idle and not vote. I should vote for those who seem to serve the nation and the people. I should not be practicing nepotism while I vote because all I have to change my nation; be it erecting from hell to heaven or heaven to hell, I only have one vote. That vote which I will not give it away in vain, not for iphones or ipads. We as citizens, have only this power before democracy, we can vote. We should be vigilant with that.

I only ask you to be a good citizen because if one is a good citizen then he ultimately becomes a good human being and an active citizen.

So, if I had shackles in my feet, will that make me a good citizen? If I know that I deserve it and I agree upon being in shackles shall benefit my nation, I am a good citizen. Palden Drukpa. Lha Gyalo. 
By: Dawa Tamang ( Pen Name: Dawa Knight), Mobile #: 77383780, B.Tech Civil,

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