Sunday, August 14, 2011

Politics Started

I have always heard about the inequality that is created by the politicians, and it is not our local leaders I am referring to. I am referring to the whole world leaders. Yes, politics is such that it fascinates me. And from this day on wards, I have made up my mind to write about Politics. Yes, I am a young inexperienced lad in this field, and my course isn't relevant to it. In fact my course is totally against it, or let's say, doesn't give a shit about Politics or Politicians. Because Engineers are always kept away from Politics and those who enter Politics, well, they have always done better than the normal Politicians.
Anyways, this is just an introduction letter. From this day on wards, I officially start to write about Politics in Bhutan, and thus, I create a new label of Politics. And I will not use any anonymity because Prime Minister of Bhutan made it clear on the second day of NGOP 2011, that they are here to serve and we can express any of our doubts, concerns and comments regarding the democracy. And there is no room for anger in Democracy. With those line straight from the PM, I take it as a permission to write about our Young Democratic Country. Constitutional Democratic Monarchy actually. 

With this, my first question is, when our Constitutional Democratic Monarchy was created, it was in the year 2008, March 24th that real election took place. Now that is all I get from Wikipedia for time being and I haven't done much of research on it. I however promise you all that I will go down on to this more. I have two reasons for not being able to research more on this issue as of now, 1. I am an Engineer and my work schedule is tiring. 2. It is late night and I am freaking sleepy and have to attend NGOP tomorrow. 

However, my question today is: When our government was formed, it was in the year when the world economy was facing "Recession". Even though, our MPs didn't hesitate to take Nu. 700,000 allowance for Vehicle and ordered 24 Prados, of course they had to add additional of Nu. 700,000 from their own pockets, as during those days Prado's rate was 1.4 Million. So, having 47 seats and multiplying them with 0.7 Million, Nu. 32.9 Million was taken from our government by the very people who wanted to serve the people of Bhutan. Is it irony? Because as far as I know, during the recession period, even the budgets for Stationary Items were reduced to 50%, reason was Recession. 

But not only that, salaries were increased for them. I believe two sessions of the Parliament was on raise of their salaries and on the third one, they increased 20% for civil servants. But according to Bhutan Today, inflation increased from 7% to 9%, even though it was just yesterday that Ministry of Economic Affairs educated us that our inflation is currently 6.1%. 
But I don't care about inflation rate. You know what is sinewy to be taken care of? MRPs. Yes, only handful of shops here in Thimphu Dzongkha sell commodities on MRP rates. Clothes are 200 plus extra than Jaigon and same goes with Electronic items, only that in electronic items shopkeepers make more profits. So how are the consumer's protected? Because a technical civil servant would earn around 17k and general graduate 13k. Minimum of 6k is gone for house rent. You do the math for eating and entertainment and savings. And in other Dzongkhas, I believe the commodities are more expensive. 
So in the long run, won't this create some sort of frustration among the people who are lowly paid? 

President Kennedy refused his salary as President.

Nelson Mandela gave up much of his salary as president to charity. 

Were these people really there to serve their nations or were they simply extra ordinary? 


  1. Woow Dawa, What an Observation......

  2. You can become critic for politics :)....Lucky politician to roam around in prados. You have done lot of research on this...good one dawa.