Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Motithang Days: E2

Before I continue with my stories, I would like to tell you that whatever I write here, this is how I remember my high school days. And be it bad or good, I am putting it down, because if I tell you the stories that are of to my own interests and only boast my achievements, well, I am no good than a Narcissist douchbag. 

 Class IX

I put my head in the water basin and open the tap without looking at it.  March 10th 2003, washing your head under tap was a tough job with a mere feeling that your skull might just crack. For the remaining four years, this was my ritual to get ready for the school, of course followed by thirty minutes of fixing hair and eventually landing up with no other than the wall street broker's style. Douchbag as I see today. I still don't know why I always preferred cold water over warm. And later years, I would learn that my brother realized this since his Junior High, that I never had a sense for Hairstyle.

But 10th March 2003 was special, because I had actually prayed to God saying that I wanted that particular crush to be in my class. Happens that my prayers got answered and I don't know how and when, my relationship with him (God) turned so sour and bitter? {His(god's) terms are still not worth compromising as he is still allowing 25k people die everyday due to starvation and war has always been his favorite show. :p}

She got appointed as our female class captain with another chap called Kinley Tenzin. Now Kinley Tenzin had scored highest marks in class VIII examination, of course in my class of twenty eight (strength of class I am not sure). He was from Changangkha. That was the first day that we visited our classroom and I was in IX C, with class teacher Madam Anuradha. Madam Anuradha was from U.P. or Bihar and obviously not from South India. Now that I am sure of is she isn't from South India.

Now there is something weird with the letter C and me. I always am in section C.  11,12 and 8 grades didn't have C sections so was in B. And someway or the other, I always get to hear that my class had the naughtiest guys in whole of school. I don't know whether that is some classic trick that teachers use on students or I actually had naughty devils in all my classes, all along.

First day of school, we were given our text books and I had this macho feeling in my belly that I was in High school. The remaining kids dived into the high school books provided on the very first day of school. Damn I thought and I too started to read some of the principles of geography from the book Principles of Geography. That is being Bhutanese youth I guess. We do things that are not necessary and don't do things that are necessary.

But the punch line I nearly forgot to mention about, the first assembly. We were asked to have ourselves stand in class lines, and Madam Principal navigated us from the assembly ground gallery, she was basically directing which class would be standing on which spot. Her precision, not a topic that teachers should compromise on and I always got amazed with GPS, while the basic principle was shown to me by my Principal lol.

Our Principal greeted us with welcome speech and we applauded for her welcoming us to Mighty Motithang. You see, our Principal had Princess Diana's hairstyle, and rumors have been that she was nicknamed Diana while she was young. But that phase had gone, it was our time being 'young' and it just meant Phulkopi (cauliflower) hairstyle to us. What? I was just a 14 year old kid.

Most of us were aware that Motithang was a strict school and popularity to have produced toppers year after year. Then she talked something I forgot of and towards the end of her speech, she asked those boys to tell us all, what actually had happened. It seemed that those two handsome boys, during the school farewell or picnic had taken the then School Captain for a ride in their vehicle and trashed him somewhere: nowhere his scream and call for help would be heard.

But that was funny for me because that School Captain was a douch-bag. I saw him being one during my Jigme Namgyel Jr. High School days, where by he was seen noting names of those who had gone to canteen during lunch breaks. Of course, in Motithang it was crime to go outside the school boundary during the lunch break hours. Around 16 captains, all distributed towards the openings of boundaries. Those who went outside the canteen taking the rules easy, were dealt acrimoniously: sit ups on every Monday mornings along with those who would be absent during the assembly. But then again, that was funny while those Motithang kids would ask us to buy those stuff from the canteen and they ate in front of their captains. The problem just appeared when they just stepped their foot outside the campus and not eating the junk food from the canteen.

Bottom Line? That captain was a douch-bag and he deserved it. Later days, he went on becoming some captain in YHS too. Bottom Line? Douch-bags are douch-bags because they never stop becoming one.

These so called culprits had written notes, which they read and it explained why they were actually there. Both of them had not received their Transfer Certificates. The deal was that they should apologize and their TC would be given to them. Both of them were rich boys I presume, and one of them even acted in a movie as a drunkard villain. One of them advised us this: "DON'T DO SUCH TINGS DURING YOUR LAST DAY". There was laughter in the whole crowd as this line meant: you know what it meant. Sometimes, even the most serious things are heard to be so funny.

When I think about the other captains, the ones who were one year senior to us, I pity them, because they weren't smart to handle the post. You see, when you get a post, you are not suppose to squeeze people below you, you are in fact to be friend as much as possible.

That was my first day in Motithang, a place where I barely wanted to go. Later days, I would meet all sorts of people, whole Bhutan toppers to Junkies.

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