Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doebum Lam Rotary

A year ago, it was around 8:00 am, when I dropped my sister to Motithang Higher Secondary School and smoked a cigarette and went to pick up Namgay at the Zangtopelri. While my way to Zangtopelri, I had to wait for 1 minute at the Swimming Pool Junction. Now the reason why I drove that way is still unclear to me. I however had to wait for one minute and just the drive from Jigchu Darkey Cake to Junction felt too long. 

It had already been three weeks of interning at the Urban Planning, Thimphu City Corporation. We were just reading the Christopher Charles Benninger's 'Thimphu Structural Plan' for past three weeks. 

Since I had to wait there for a minute, it struck me that we should design a rotary for this junction. We were five of us, I and my friend Namgay were done with Third Year of B.Tech. Civil. Sonam Pelden, Dungchang Wangdi and Jigme Wangchuk were done with their second year. So, we planned for this particular Rotary. 

We did traffic volume study for this junction and gave few proposals to make those underpasses near Swimming Pool junction and below Changangkha School to be renovated so that it could attract more pedestrians to use them and having a smooth traffic for vehicles. 

I am not making this up now, as you might be knowing that I have already blogged about it few months ago. 

Two proposals for the Rotary was given, one taking in account of City expanding the road in mere future and other, the immediate proposal without roads being expanded. 

proposal with expanded road

Proposal without expanded road

 And yeah, there are two proposals for each with and without expanded roads. The proposals were either to have concrete rotary or just painted ones on the road. 




Today: A better way to drain the water

They finally made the link, the sole reason why many didn't use the Subway. The subway still  doesn't have proper lighting system. 

A year ago

A year ago.

A year ago. 

Thank you for going through. Today, if the design is as per our dimensions, the minimum vehicles it can handle would be 1700 per hour and an average of 1900 and at the max, 2661 vehicles per hour. This is to reference with both the designs. Anyways, I don't know about my teammates, but I am very very happy to see that. Thank You for reading this post. 

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