Saturday, August 20, 2011

Consumer RIghts

Now when the GNHC came to NGOP 2011, I only had one question.

"As of 2009's statistics data, we are 6,97335, and our inflation according to Bhutan Today increased from 7% to 9% and even though Ministry of Economic Affairs re-educated stating that our inflation is 6.1%. So my question is, most of the graduates this year will write RCSC and those who get jobs, say general graduates are going to earn around 13000 to 15000 and technical graduates will be earning around 17000 to 20000 at the max. So this means an average Bhutanese Household can't even save one lakh, say 70,000 just to educate their kids. So don't you think that in long run, many civil servants will be frustrated? And this will be the downfall of GNH?"

Because GNH is somehow, also related to the personal happiness of the general public (I wish it was just a policy to met the four pillars and people didn't complicate it too much).

My intention wasn't to insult the GNH Commission or anything of such. In fact I had my own suggestion, but I was too nervous to mention, how to save many civil servants and especially people of Bhutan from Frustration related with money.

My suggestion is, regulating the market. Yes, Why? Because be it Thimphu or other Dzongkhas, we don't get commodities at MRP. So this, creates problem to the Civil Servants and many other people working in Thimphu and other Dzongkhas.

Now there is another plague that has only hit Thimphu and it is spreading all over Bhutan. The House rent!
You see, we do have 'Tenant Act of Bhutan', and that is to save the general public, be it government workers or the private ones. You talk about your Tenant Rights with your house owner, because your house owner increased the rent by Nu. 1000/-, you simply will get kicked out from the house. Now this is common with the shopkeepers too. Yes, the shopkeepers will have to find means of creative ways just to meet the rent and slight profit. Now I talk about rent issue here, because, the moment it is heard that civil servants get hike in pay, the houses in Thimphu gets increased and so will the vegetables and other commodities. This is because, everybody has to pay the RENT.

So, my suggestion would be, well, let's have something, maybe, Bill or Act just to save the general public. Whereby, if a house owner has increased the rent twice within a period of 5 years, the house owner has to pay some lump-sum fine, and that particular person who came forward to blow the whistle must be protected by the authority that is engaged in punishing those greedy house owners. We should have some bill or act that should punish those shopkeepers who sell products above the MRP rates. Of course if they sell them with their own tag, punishment should be more severe.

This way, whether a civil servants' salary gets increased or not, not much will matter in our economy. In fact, the civil servants will be able to purchase other stuff. I write this article because, our Bhutanese people are, in the long run, trying to spoil the power of our own currency. Because, if you have 17000 per month in India, say Jaigon, you can simply save ample of money in a year, and yes, they will be able to send their kids to college.

Just my thought, if anyone gets provoked, you are one hell of a shitty materialistic motherfucker. Thank You.

PS: even if you are technical graduate, you get 17 k, out of which 7 k should be given to house owners and remaining 10k is meant for your fuel charges, rations, entertainment and towards the end of the end, SAVINGS. 

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