Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doebum Lam Rotary

A year ago, it was around 8:00 am, when I dropped my sister to Motithang Higher Secondary School and smoked a cigarette and went to pick up Namgay at the Zangtopelri. While my way to Zangtopelri, I had to wait for 1 minute at the Swimming Pool Junction. Now the reason why I drove that way is still unclear to me. I however had to wait for one minute and just the drive from Jigchu Darkey Cake to Junction felt too long. 

It had already been three weeks of interning at the Urban Planning, Thimphu City Corporation. We were just reading the Christopher Charles Benninger's 'Thimphu Structural Plan' for past three weeks. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Consumer RIghts

Now when the GNHC came to NGOP 2011, I only had one question.

"As of 2009's statistics data, we are 6,97335, and our inflation according to Bhutan Today increased from 7% to 9% and even though Ministry of Economic Affairs re-educated stating that our inflation is 6.1%. So my question is, most of the graduates this year will write RCSC and those who get jobs, say general graduates are going to earn around 13000 to 15000 and technical graduates will be earning around 17000 to 20000 at the max. So this means an average Bhutanese Household can't even save one lakh, say 70,000 just to educate their kids. So don't you think that in long run, many civil servants will be frustrated? And this will be the downfall of GNH?"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Politics Started

I have always heard about the inequality that is created by the politicians, and it is not our local leaders I am referring to. I am referring to the whole world leaders. Yes, politics is such that it fascinates me. And from this day on wards, I have made up my mind to write about Politics. Yes, I am a young inexperienced lad in this field, and my course isn't relevant to it. In fact my course is totally against it, or let's say, doesn't give a shit about Politics or Politicians. Because Engineers are always kept away from Politics and those who enter Politics, well, they have always done better than the normal Politicians.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Motithang Days: E2

Before I continue with my stories, I would like to tell you that whatever I write here, this is how I remember my high school days. And be it bad or good, I am putting it down, because if I tell you the stories that are of to my own interests and only boast my achievements, well, I am no good than a Narcissist douchbag. 

 Class IX

I put my head in the water basin and open the tap without looking at it.  March 10th 2003, washing your head under tap was a tough job with a mere feeling that your skull might just crack. For the remaining four years, this was my ritual to get ready for the school, of course followed by thirty minutes of fixing hair and eventually landing up with no other than the wall street broker's style. Douchbag as I see today. I still don't know why I always preferred cold water over warm. And later years, I would learn that my brother realized this since his Junior High, that I never had a sense for Hairstyle.