Sunday, July 31, 2011

Motithang Days: High School Days: E-1

This is not a story of heroic efforts or not about achieving accolades in my four years of stay in Motithang Higher Secondary School. This is the account of my days which transited me from a very shy guy to a person who can actually crack jokes in gatherings. This is the story about my platform and my friends’ platforms which today made us who we are. This is the story of first batch of Higher Secondary School kids. This is the story of ‘us’ while we were confused and didn’t actually know what the real taste of life really was.

Today, I hereby ask my friends’ permissions to publish what is accounted in my big head with small brain. This is the story, of which even the mere reminiscences of those days nearly bring tears in my eyes. This is the story where we felt that we were nobody and at the same time we felt so invincible that not even Hercules himself matched our strengths. This is the story of football matches that we were punished of, this is the story of being restricted to apply hair gel and this is the story of our mischievous acts. This is the story of our teenage difficulties and nothing mattered to us, not even family and how we put our friendship as the first priority. This is the story about smoking cigarettes in one of the strictest schools in whole of Bhutan. This is the story of liking junior girls and of course our classmates too. This is the story of having met the THEN soul mates and rejections.

I joined Motithang from Jigme Namgyel, where I studied for a year. I made few friends during my first two years. Actually three years I had handful of good friends. But how my life would change after that, even it shocks me today. If I hadn’t met with these wonderful people who consisted of troublesome kids of Motithang for rest of our two years, I admit that I would have been one of those douch-bags, that nerdy fellow who is nobody but a prick. And I think it is not the teachers that shaped us, those are my friends, my brothers and to put down, marry-able girls of my class. Four years in Motithang would have been next to prison if they weren’t on my side.

Today most of my group friends are Engineers or Doctor or Dietician or Teachers or Finance Officers or etc., but what made us where we are, I believe the sole credit goes to my friends. Of course the teachers played a crucial part too, and when you talk about the first Generation Batch of Motithang, my batch students would remember that many professional kids came from Motithang and that too, most were from my class. I thank my teachers who put their sweats and jobs in risk, just to vouch for us, and actually build the bridge to our dreams, dreams that we are living today.  And this article today is just a permission seeking letter to all those whom I will mention in the stories that would follow from today.
I will not write only the good times, because those really don’t make up our days, let us remember our bad times too.

Today I am eight years away from my high school days, but if I am given an only wish, it would be going back to those days and actually asking out all those girls whom I felt for. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t mind to this. 


  1. would love to read all the memoirs of your from Mighty School. Keep posting.

  2. Wow you started smoking when you were in school??...awaiting to read more of ur adventures :)

  3. you had me wanting to read more! Nice one =)

  4. Dawa why would you stop here? :( it was just starting to get more exciting..well can't wait for you to complete this^^