Thursday, June 16, 2011

So you think you can “Heaven”?

So you think you can “Heaven”?

Religion, however is abstruse for me and time and again, I find myself entangled with the abysmal thoughts, thoughts that seek or pretend to seek for answers.
Today every other religion promises you with heaven and hell provided that you follow their code of conducts. What is heaven and what is hell?
Till date, from the movies if we conclude, the dress code for heaven is pure white and hell is pure black. You thought I would flinch there and use pure for only heaven? Lol.

Apart from the dress code, the chambers differ, ie., clouds for heaven, where the so called good doers would go and enjoy till eternity. For those so called sinners, they will be sent to dungeons where flowing magma and one hell of warden to hoop one’s ass is, however, always present. And do notice that they sweat a lot.

But who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? Will a Jihad go to heaven? And will he really hump 75 virgins? What sort of heaven is that? Isn’t that a selfish thinking? A dumb one too. And the very concept of you going to heaven and others going to hell is a vague unenlightened thinking, because if GOD is to love everybody, like claimed by many, then why would he pass the bill and brand for those sinners to be tortured? And isn’t this concept of being tortured, an injected fear to the minds of many naïve people? The very concept of hell is to scare the pants out of us.

If one is to be sent for hell for all those sins mentioned by the poets and scriptures of Religion, I believe non of us truly qualify for the white uniform and feathery wings from our backs and what is halo? The sign of seniority? And who made Saint Peter the chawkidar (watchman) of heaven’s gates and same goes with other religions, where Yamraj and Denagchung and etc? Isn’t it funny that if heaven and hell is to be there, then those watchmen are there just to verify whether someone had cutoff the line or cheated just to be there?

Today, most of us are mean, we know that, nepotism is on streets like some septic tank overflow, people don’t mind screwing each other for climbing up the ladder in society, majority are racist, self indulgent, unkind, materialistic, jealous, etc and they think their prayers will send them to heaven? Isn’t the very idea of going to heaven a means to lure our alter-ego?
And what’s up with the prayers? Since when did the prayers become a good deed? Because most of the prayers are on one’s own interest, be it the red blonde you want to hump, to the promotion you wantj to ill lucks for your enemies, prayers seem to be a fruitful means to satisfy one’s heart. Abortive means I say. And yes, there are many who pray for all the sentimental beings to reach nirvana, but how can you actually make them reach nirvana when they don’t know a shit what you are doing for them? And how will that particular being be at peace and harmony the very moment you are done with your prayers, you want the same sentimental beings on your plate with few spices?

I really didn’t die and came back, I do not have stories from the other side of the medium but I however feel that when one dies, it is just like sleeping without getting up. You won’t know a thing and you are not going to be punished or will be going to heaven where you can flirt with angels. Because if God’s will is to make you, test you with hard conditions, screw the juices out of you and when you break down and commit some sin, you are obliged to be punished. What sort of shitty deal is that? It’s as though it was pre-planned from the beginning and arithmetic already done to send many of us to hell.

With this I don’t encourage or ask you to carry on with your sins and wrong doings, I however want to make you feel that humanity should be there amongst us and we should care for others. If we don’t, we eventually pay the price. Example? Well, I eat up the whole money for a business and make other fellow pay for it, no harm for me. But later on, that person’s son out of poverty becomes a criminal and mugs me. That way, I pay for the imbalance I create. There are various examples like this one, one way or the other, once we create imbalance in anything, we eventually land up paying for that.

I however feel that heaven and hell is just our illusions, a myth that is going to be legend, something devised to hold everybody from committing wrong doings. I don’t like the concept of heaven and hell though, because it is based on partiality and this can’t be the work of someone divine. If the divinity that we look upon is on the very basis of categorizing, then we all went wrong in setting what is divine.

What is the use of your prayers and donations when the ultimate reason why you come up with those two activities is to lick GOD's ass and have a ticket to Heaven?  Will that really make go away one’s sins? That is something you should forgive and free yourself from. With no humanity with your acts on the first place, what a miserable life you shall have with lots of money. You will hump supermodels and marry one too, but will she love you with all her heart?

But accept this fact my friends, there is no heaven there is no hell, and the glory of heaven and fear of hell should not motivate you to do good. Because doing good should be from your heart, it is the seed to happiness and you will know that when you practice it.

The fear of hell and glory of heaven might make you do good, it itself is a curse my friend, because while one wears a mask, it always comes out and the one who pretends, never is happy in the end. Change the settings of your mind, don’t do good to everybody, I am not asking you to be Mother Teresa, do and be good to those who are near you. That way, you will find yourself increasing your radius.

This place, where you and I stand now, will be our heaven or hell, just one choice away.

So don’t think Obama deserves heaven and Osama hell, you never know lol. You never lol.

And for the record, if I am to go to hell for this article, I surly will be sent to limbo as per Dante’s Inferno and TIMU (Ignorance) in Mahayana Buddhism. But then again, one must never forget what Buddha himself told, "Question my teachings". 

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