Friday, June 10, 2011

Living the Purposes

I was called upon by DYCS for three times, two times this year and once last year. Why? Well, to share my experiences of my College Days.

But how could I possibly abridge my four years of memories in four minutes? I told that, every time I took the podium. But who am I? I am no big over achiever to advise these kids, so, I tell them my experiences as short as I can. But what the heck is Experience? Too big word to narrate and describe my day to day life. I am no experienced guy. Well however, I went there.

Last year, it was for those kids who would leave Bhutan for further studies. They were not differentiated whether they were Scholarship Candidates or Private Candidates, so I actually didn't get the taste of Scholarship Candidates' attitude that time. But then again, I did meet those few kids back then, they were really friendly and didn't have this look on their faces that they were the center of the show, and just like any normal kid, they were around. Trust me, it was hard to notice who actually were scholarship candidates and who were not, that was the scene last year.

This year, however, for three days, those kids who would go on their own expense were given three days of workshop and those kids who would go on Government expense were given on different two days. And to be honest, I found that those private kids, who were going for further studies were sort of slightly smarter than the scholarship kids. Why? Let me tell you. Now don't tell me that they topped Board Exams and all, in the end, what really matters, is how ONE CAN TALK. Sooner one learns this, BETTER. Private students weren't egoistic and they talked well, they were friendly and I did make few friends, which I always do.

The professional kids, however were giving answers like there was some sort of competition, when asked, "How do You Describe School Life?" Few gave quotations, no actually, everybody gave quotations. But then, I don't remember who was who, and there was few of them, who were smart enough to laugh at them. Now, yes, TALKING is good, but BULLSHITTING isn't. But, with due respect and no harm to anybody, I write it here, these are my views, and I am only accountable if anybody gets off the hook and gets pissed. But I write what I want to and in those quoting guys, I saw myself.

But then, if anybody would ask me about SCHOOL LIFE, I would say, I learned Friendship in my school days. I learned how my friends around me can actually shape me. I learned Friendship in School. Books: we all learn that, nothing great about it. Every generation we get people being good at that.

And even though, I had planned to speak of something, I was more focused on 'Myths about Professional Students'

1. Professional Students don't fail.
2. Professional Students are special.
3. Professional Students have secured Career.
4. Professional Students are welcomed

etc. few of the points, I freakishly forgot.

But I however don't write this to piss or rage anybody. And with this, I wish everybody, going outside this year, my very best wishes in their future endeavours. Hope they succeed in life.

"Every Generation Thinks that they are more Intelligent than the older one, & more smarter than the upcoming one."

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