Sunday, May 29, 2011

Generally General?

This article is not based on my country and please note that I am a very patriotic person. I however write this article as my notion towards the world politics. 
Today we live in a world, where general public are generally general and elites share a neighborhood. It really doesn't matter how generally a general public is generally screwed, but if the elites are pissed, which they generally are with other elites, you will not find them fighting, you will find generally general public of one neighborhood fighting general public of another neighborhood.

And in this neighborhood, we all know who runs the show and remaining general public of that particular elites, they don't care or don't seem to care. No wonder they say, Vietnam war was black men fighting yellow men for the honor of white men!

But the world is a funny place, who ever is writing the scripts from the above, must have once penned down on his book, Once upon a Time, there a man named George Bush who was replaced by Clinton and came again the George W. Bush, but then things weren't good as Osama came and to flush the horrors and terrors of Osama, Obama came.

Clinton, the name is few letters from you know what!
Bush I don't have to describe you folks, what it literally mean?
Osama and Obama, I however think might be cuss words in some native language, I am yet to find out lol.

I like how Obama speaks, he is against terrorism. That is the reason he is sending more troops to Middle East where the majority of the people are Muslims and how can that possibly solve the terrorism? I mean point guns and shooting the normal poor people? Is that how terrorism is fought or just the fear of terrorism? Should we wait and watch another Collateral Death sort of videos from Wikileaks again?

Anyways, we are too small to matter no. But, I do feel that small nations in Asia got some lessons from Vietnam and that is, don't just be Communist if you are not part of Main Land China, or else you have to dig terrains and tunnels just to escape from the bombings. But hey, that is against terrorism again.

And I got to question, Obama said, "God Bless Israel and God Bless America" Now does that mean god is so partial? Because why only two of them to be blessed? Why wouldn't god bless Palestine and God bless Middle East? However, like always said, God itself is partial over choosing the Jews to be freed those days. And yet, we hear, not to mix politics with religion. Man, I am sick of this! 

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