Sunday, April 3, 2011

'Racism' as I see it.

This is what I think, and most of it might not be applicable and I have put things as I see it. Good or bad, this is how I see racism as.
Before I jump into today’s article, I would like to pass a small comment to the racist people all around the world: Fug You!
With the F word used, let me begin my article.

Nobody can claim since when racism came into existence. The word might have come into circulation in 1930s when a German sexologist and homosexual activist Magnus Hirschfeld titled his book with this very term. Before that, race hatred was in circulation.

Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race, ethnicity, or nationality are a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that ethnic differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Racism's effects are called "racial discrimination." In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or receive preferential treatment.

When I was in class nine, I read a book which had few works and stories of Abraham Lincoln.  In the year 1863 if I remember it well, he signed Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves of North of USA and the African American fought with the South of USA. Some say, that this was political resort to win the civil war and some cheer the generosity of Lincoln. But how on the first hand the buffalo soldiers landed up in America? Was it that all those people who captured these Africans shared the same insanity of Superior Complexity or was it the need for man power?

However, the African American people had reached US of A. And even though they were set free and won war for North, after 100 years, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech which was titled ‘I have a dream’. That was I believe given on the footsteps of Lincoln memorial and don’t ask me the date, I am too lazy to google it for you. Anyhow, this was the first time I read about African Americans.

Today, when I see the world, I see racism as prevailing and disappearing just like the Black and White colours on the Ying- Yang sign. But the interesting fact always is that, nobody wants to be called a racist. Is it because of the word? The C and I and S and M, surly makes it look inhumane and I kind of feel that these letters are choking me up the moment I read it.

I have time and again thought of writing about this, a term which most of us don’t want to get branded by. And a phenomena, we all are acquainted with and often experienced or made someone experience it.
Today, nobody wants to be racially discriminated. How much is that true?

100% true. That is because; nobody wants to be on the receiving end, especially when it is disadvantageous to one. So yes, nobody wants to be judged and looked down for his race. That makes us all anti-racism or anti-racist.

But question yourself, will you go against racism if you belonged to the so called 'superior one' and not the 'inferior one' and still support the oppression of the so called 'inferior ones' shouldn't be present? A handful of us will disagree to do so, that is screw the juice out of so called 'lower people'. And when I say handful, yes handful only. Majority of people will vote for going against the inferior one. And thanks to media, that these days, not everybody can come forward and yell, ‘yes I am racist!’ But if everybody is scrutinized properly, I guess only handful of us will be against this inhumane act.

In this article, I am choosing the smartest way any body who writes about it can, I am not going to point out who is racist and who is not, for if I start stereo typing here then that too makes me a racist and I choose to live higher than that.

So, this article basically is, my idea of how people become racist. I didn’t take psychology but I like to write down what I noticed till my life lived.

Usually, people say that racism is caused because of ignorance, narrow mindedness, lack of understanding things around, lack of sympathy, being an immigrant, etc.

But what I really think is, nature has made man this way. Nature has actually engineered man in a very fascinatingly disgusting way. When an infant is born, he is the purest at heart and he is so because, he can’t think and he can’t think because the main principle of thinking is differentiation. And it is only few weeks later that we realize that an infant can recognize his mother from other people. Why? Because, our mind functions so. Red is red and blue is blue, because we store in our mind the first impression of something and then later on, when we see something new, we unknowingly in our heads find the differences and similarities and come to conclusion and say which is red and which is blue. This works anywhere and everywhere. This is the main principle why we can say 'that is a chair' to chair and not table.

With this being the first cause, one has to improvise in thinking, and in the verge of becoming good at thinking, he unknowingly starts to categorize things around. This is the main phenomena that works with every other living soul here on the planet. Usually, IQ tests also have questions on how fast you can recognize a pattern, but to recognize anything, you have to differentiate everything.

With foundation as how we know how to think let’s proceed further.

Man can only think well than other beings and hence that is the reason men have dominated this planet to the verge of disappearance of his own existence. With evolution on one hand, no man wants to be abortive. In this quest of being unique, and sustain himself, he has to do things that makes himself feel better. He needs compliments to feed his ego. Nobody but you can only compliment you. It is this compliment that makes him alive from surviving, for surviving only requires physical commodities like food, clothes and shelter, but what really makes him go ahead in this race of evolution is his satisfaction of mind, the fueling of ego: the pampering of his own mind. This now can be achieved by two means, one when he does something better than others and the other is just making himself think he has done something better. But the formal and the later work just the same for they are related with the gate of compliment, which only he can open if he wishes to do so. When a man works on something fruitful and he is praised, his gate of compliment is opened by himself and then he pampers his mind. This again generates a will to do things better and this is how the cycle of man living begins. But it is evident that when not everybody can work like the formal one, there will however be the majority of those men, who will have to go home defeated for only one man performed the task better than the rest. That man already having his mind pampered has no chance of being a racist. But what about the rest of them? They too need to pamper their minds, they however choose to open the gate of compliment themselves and pamper their minds with phrases like, so what he has done better today? I shall do better next time. And when the hate rages more, while he understands that the formal man couldn’t be beaten, he however lands up cursing the formal man. This is the beginning of hate and this is the beginning of racism. With ego as a material to be burnt and racism as fuel, he learns that he can pamper his mind with those cursed thoughts of the formal man. Ooften this sort of hatred always lands up with race baiting. Usually a racist man pampers his mind over his ethnicity for he can't do any fruitful deed today, and he clings to his ancestor's past for he deludes his mind that he can be fueled with those compliments that his ancestors deserve. He goes for the good things, be it making of the swords or being the ones to use them. Even if it is bad, he makes his mind hear it in his better own cooked up version. 

But is that the only reason how a man becomes racist? What if the formal man was what we so call, of the superior race?

And how is it that he belongs to the superior race? Doesn’t he bleed if you stab him? Doesn’t he eat for he never gets hungry? Doesn’t his blood resemble with the later man’s blood? Isn’t the formal man made with flesh and blood? Well however, superior complexity only arises with number. Majority and minority. Playful days in school might we think or funny jokes for one being from the mountains and other from tropical forest or one having better clothes to wear to the other one, or one eating the better meals comparing to the other one, or one being capable than the other one, or one being fairer than the other one, etc., these jokes and comments start to get imprinted. And when one falls into the majority category and hearts of men craving for power, they impose an idea to the minorities that they stand on different levels.

It is with this number related issue when the fear struck to the hearts of men, the real flame catches up and racism grows. The fear of not being better and fear of losing oneself to other race. But then again, jealousy is also a part of it, isn’t it?

And when all these ideas consume man, he no longer is in state to keep peace. He goes categorizing anything and everything, and even the very kind of his species, dividing further into race: racism prevails.

Outcomes of racism are the deadliest for it not only takes away men’s will to live, but often it does take his survival needs too. Albert Einstein would have done wonders for Germany and by this time, we might have spoken German as our international language, if only Einstein wasn’t a Jew and Hitler not determined to waste every other Jew soul.

Racism is also fueled by other fuel, the fuel that makes man’s soul dark, the crave for power. Men have always loved to fight for it: control over everybody, everything, anybody and anything. Heaven, hell and middle earth, he wants to rule. Power makes a man racist too. For if they didn’t have this greed for power, he will not think of controlling the little tribes and if he didn’t have this dream of power, he won’t have hatred over his failure to achieve control over the other tribe. If no hatred had he generated in his mind, he would never start hating, which again is a fuel for racism. And the Red Indians would have never been minority in their own land.

And what if racism didn’t prevail or it might have been in minute magnitude? At least minute that endogamy wasn’t possible. If only hearts of men didn’t know differentiating, we won’t have had blacks and whites and yellows and browns. Man would have been mixture of these and yet, what’s the guarantee of man not again categorizing again? Maybe after racism, man would categorize each other into heights? Weights?

Alexandra the Great once had this vision, that people would mix and there would be a better species of men. When I think of it, I find man as the only one of its kind, who is reverse engineering his evolution.

But then, before I sleep, I shall remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his speech ‘I have a dream’.
"Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring—when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children—black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles,Protestants and Catholics—will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: 'Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"


  1. Hey Dawa, nice one. Your interaction with the readers is very nice. If I were a racist I would be enraged, but it I love to propagate such activism in the world to fight against the racism. Great job, lots of evidences and fact included. Love it!

  2. if one's boyfriend teases a girl, who in his girlfriend's mind is less prettier than herself, there wont be any issue from the girlfriend's side, in most cases. but if the other girl is, well, extremely pretty, then her ego rises. the feeling of being superior, in all minds has alyz been a good feeling. and so did, the feeling of being looked down on one has made people wanting to do better, look better and perform better. does this have anything to do with your article? somehow in some ways? haha :DD

  3. Very nice writeup. Racism has been eating the roots of humanism since decades. I wish we could get rid of it.
    @lotey om: cool way of explaining. I like your example. :)

  4. @Rikku Sir, Thank you very much sir. It really means a lot that you went through the whole article.

    @lotey, honey here men are talking lol.. ha haa..
    yes lotey, what you have put into has a great point and it does fall in the category of one's eagerness to be superior. But, if i i am to relate then yes, someways it is connected but why go out with a bf who already has plans on hitting other fancy gals? and gal being pissed off is reasonable too, and in this case too, if the temper of gal gets the better hold of girl, then she won't mind calling the other gal with names. and it is always the 'race' name eventually anyone would resort to when they can't find the worst of one's existence.

    @ Speedoholic. Thank you for going through my blog. and yes, you are right, it has, is and will be eating the roots of humanism. it's time we start living in peace. respect each other rather than look down, love each other rather than hate... and thank you for following my blog.