Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Somebody feel Special

This is an article which I wrote back when I was in class XI, a night before I was asked. Thanks to Madam PC, this article made into Motithang High School Magazine.

"The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling of being unwanted." Mother Teresa.

You heard the great lady, right?
Today, in every city, more than a million people feel lonely. American spinsters mail cards to themselves on Valentine's Day. After all, everybody wants to be special. Well you may not agree with me. But just think, wouldn't you feel special and wanted, if you were asked to stay, when you wanted to leave?
So, what you do is just try to be the first one to leave your school. When you walk that gate first, you may be ahead but your mind still is behind wishing, someone to ask you to stay. May be, now my venue must be wrong, for you must have done it while leaving your house, village or even your spouse. Perhaps, you may not have done it. This is not the only way to be special.

Somewhere, somebody waits for us. Somebody must be expecting something from us, give that somebody what he/she wants(without losing your being and virtue). Make him/her special. A true hero is the one who sacrifices and not the one who gets what he wants but the one, who gives what others want. Become a hero, make somebody feel special.

When you make somebody feel special, you feel special too. Imagine, your friend always had a fantasy to own a cool cell phone. You are also not that rich, but you sacrifice your own fantasies and buy him one. How does it make him feel? That's the often asked question. But ask yourself, how did it make you feel? What was your expression when your friend smiled in surprise and hugged you? How did you feel when you brought a smile upon his face? You wait for so many months without sparing days and nights just to bring a smile upon his face. Oh! Yes! You made him feel special and that's when, you feel enlightened. You feel happy for you gave him happiness.

That is how you make somebody feel special. When you make somebody feel special, you make him/her realize that he/she is worth something. We often become happy, when people around us are happy. So, why don't we make them feel special and become happy, why do we always suppress our feelings and let our ego grow stronger?

If I lose all of my dignity and if I can make my friend smile, then I'll choose to lose my dignity everyday, just to see him smile.

Why do I love my parents? Why do I love my Friends? Why do I love my girlfriend? Why do I love my little brother and sister? They make me feel special that's why they are special to me. If you haven't made somebody feel special, make them feel today.

How would you feel when you are not wished on your birthday? Wish others so that you would be wished too. Love others so that you would be loved too.

I am not a novelist nor am I a philosopher, but I am a person who wants to be special and make people feel special. Everything in my world is special and it is special, for the most beautiful thing in this world is to be wanted. All of you, my friends and people who know me are special to me, for I am behaving in a manner you want me to, for I am doing what is pleasant to you and thanks for doing the same for me.

When was the last time you made somebody feel special? When you are alive, life offers you two choices:
Either become special
or make somebody feel special.
Which one have you chosen?

And now when I look at this piece, I find myself still abating in the field of writing. However, gone are the days when I used to think that way, for I have to survive here. Friends I have, I have my own circle to protect, and these four years have taken the best of me. Finding myself. 

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