Friday, April 1, 2011

Design of Rotary for Royal Boluevard (Doebum Lam)

During the summer vacation after my third year, My Friend Namgay Dorjee and I planned to work together as interns. Our ideas were not to work, but to get into some office where we could sneak out most of the times and drink tea. Namgay, who is my best friend and a fellow Engineering student in NIT Bhopal, was going to be late for few weeks, and meanwhile, I didn't know where to join, so I went to Thimphu City Corporation to work under Urban Planning Division. Now, usually Urban Planning is not what one is taught when one's having Civil Engineering course. 

Before Namgay came, two of my juniors also had joined me in Urban Planning. Sonam Pelden and Dungchang Wangdi. When Namgay came, we were accompanied by Jigme Wangchuk from NIT Bhopal, who happens to be Dungchang closest friend. So there we were, reading "Thimphu Structure Plan 2002 to 2027" written by Christopher Charles Benninger. Though Mr. Charles and his work has caught eyes on forums of few media, Mr. Charles however have done more or less of everything. But, if one would ask my opinion on it? I would have selected our very own people to go for the Plans for they know the place better where they live than a mere visitor from outside. And this is just an opinion, not that my opinion would matter anywhere. So, there we were, five of us, not knowing what to do. Every morning I had to walk to office with Sonam Pelden but drop my sister first to MHSS, it was during these morning hours, I learnt about the junction near Swimming Pool. Once after dropping my sister to her school, let me be very honest, I was not after Rigsum girls or Kelki girls and had taken the long way to home. However, in that junction, I had to wait for around 15 minutes just to move towards Chhubha Chu Circle, not that we are always delayed but on that day, I believe some accident occurred and traffic policemen were there regulating the flow of vehicles. It was then, I realized what to work on during our summer internship. When Namgay arrived, we not only had sufficient man-power to work but we also had workable softwares to create 3D view and Plans of the rotary. Below I have presented a brief review out of it. 

“Architects and engineers are few lucky people for they build their monuments on public consent, on public approval and often using public money.” 

In the Year 2000 The Total Population of Thimphu was 43,479 and 98,676 in the year of 2005
ØThis means the population got increased by 2.27 times in five years
ØAccording to the ‘Thimphu Structure Plan 2002 to 2027’ the city is expected to have 3.73 times the population size of what it had in year 2000, which means Thimphu will have to shelter  162,327 people.
ØThimphu will face many difficulties which would require engineering solutions.
 Doebum Lam which origins from Memorial Chorten and ends connecting Chhubha Chhu Circle with Memorial Chorten is also called Royal Boulevard.
ØEver since Norzin Lam was made one-directional lane, Doebum Lam as per TSP is suppose to handle the traffic pressure.
Ø4-lane carriage way with 0.75m wide separator in the centre, dividing each 2-lane carriage ways in different directions.
ØTotal of 4.5 square meters of parking space is provided along the Royal Boulevard.
ØThe length of Doebum Lam is 1.6km
ØDoebum Lam at Swimming Pool Junction provides vehicles to change lanes without proper designed rotary
ØHence this region is more accident prone for both vehicles and pedestrians who cross these lanesn spite of two built up Subways (Underpasses), the pedestrians  prefer not to use them due to lack of proper maintenance. This just leads to functional failure of those two underpasses.

So below here, I will share some of the pics that we worked on and couple of videos on how would it look like? But however, I am not going to share all of our works here. 

Two proposals were given: 
1. With Widen Roads
2. Without Widen Roads. 

And both the categories, we gave simple proposals, with concrete rotary or just paints on the carriage way. But any how, since this is not a going to be implemented project, so I here by share few of the pics:

Few of the videos we created, if you are interested in then do watch it:

I hope that you can watch the video. If not, too bad. 
Anyways, see you. 

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