Monday, March 28, 2011

Your Own Fighter Plane With Your very Own Empty Cigarette Pack After Your Very Own Last Cigarette.

Ever since the verdict has been out, I guess not much people in Thimphu will be fortunate to attract ladies in social gatherings with this trick. However, this goes to those who are chain smokers and always find it hard to decompose your empty packets. My favourite is Glodflake-Kings. Cost Rs. 50/- here in India. 

This is not my original Idea and I learned it online. Some dude had done this. Hats off to him, that today you guys will learn something creative too. 

Things required:
1. Finish off your last stick
2. Get yourself a paper cutter. Sharp one
3. Get a pen which is circular. Cello Gipper is not going to work unless you use the refill tube. 

Step 1:

Step 2: 
Just unwrap the cigarette pack. Just unwrap every other joint.

Step 3:

Not so professional, but I expect you to make it better than this.
The above pic is shown because, you need this as one piece, so in coming further steps cut this part.
 Say Part A 
Step 4:

This one too, not professional. But you do yours better. 
This is your Part B. Make sure you cut this one too. 

Step 5:

This is your Part C

Step 6:

This should be how your Part A(Left), Part B(Left) and Part C(Centre) should be looking like. 

Step 7:

Now cut Part B like shown above

Step 8:

Step 9:

Use your cylindrical Shaped pen to roll the Part B and Part C. That will give you a perfect curved surface. 

Step 10:

 Cut this part slightly that when you try to put Part B, the folded Side of the Part B fits in. You better watch the pics and rather read my comments. So, no further comments hence forth. 

Step 11:

Step 12:

I am bored now to write steps:

Congraz, if you made it this far. Around of applause from my side. Caution: Your plane will not fly. But do keep it at your desk, it looks great there. Make dozens of it, hang it with strings on your ceilings and it is just fantabulous. haa haa. Keep in touch. 


  1. Hahaa, I love this One! Very interestin and I got to learn how to make an plane!!!!:P Looks like I read all of your previous stories before ho rai sha! I like this one!Very funny!

  2. you are the Maid of Astolat. Wait for your Lancelot I guess. He shall learn it and make it lol.. Anyways, glad that you liked it