Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shuva Raj Neupane's Kaka's Ghaar

Couple of days back, My friend Shuva Raj Neupane asked me a favour. Shuva Raj is a bright student with CG of 8. He now will work for Reliance Power here in India. He is going to earn around 5 Lakhs per annum.

A week ago, Shuva Raj had to visit Kathmandu for one of his Uncles had passed away. While he returned from Nepal, he came with an assignment: to have DRAWINGS of his Kaka's Ghaar (Father's Brother's House.)

Now I am not even a first division student here in NIT Warangal, one of the top ten Engineering Colleges in India. And while I was asked this favour, it was some sort of honour for myself, and secondly I had to keep my friend's pride for his relatives had high hopes on him. So there we were, planning two storeyed house. But, as any Engineer would say, first we have to do the calculations on how much of steel to be used? How many steel rods to be bent? The precise shape? The loading of the building? The foundation, manpower required, the cost estimation etc. And tell you the fact, not a one day job. But, inspite of knowing these things, my friend smiled at me and told, he had told his uncle all these things and yet, his uncle didn't listen. You see in Kathmandu I guess, they build houses on the confidence of Contractors, which I presume is not a sound idea and not surly a sound idea to be put onto action. Anyways, our jobs were just to give the plans and Elevations for the building. So, it took me 12 hours to prepare these stuff that I have prepared here.

I won't have done it, but then again, I thought, I would among few Engineers whose work would be seen not only in Bhutan but away from Bhutan too. For Bhutan, me and some of my friends designed a rotary for Doebum Lam and gave it to Thimphu City Corporation. Which I will post very soon.

But this House in Nepal was again something I didn't want to work too. For, Nepal and Bhutan falls in Zone V of Earthquake according to IS Code 1893. And it is not advisable to you know, build house just like that, for earthquakes don't kill people, bad structures do. But we weren't going to do the rest of the calculations so, we were just to present with the figures only. So, I give you the pictures here:

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Dimensioning of Doors

I however think that if I were to build this house in Thimphu, then TCC won't accept it.But then, again, I only saw these drawings in TCC approvals. So, they might accept also. But, ever since Japan was hit by Earthquake measuring 8.9 magnitude on Richter Scale, we should approve only earthquake resistant designed building. Just my thought, who would care though. 

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  1. It really needs lot of confidence to start a project if you are still a student, I am really amazed.....yeah kathmandu falls in to zoneV , place which is Vulnerable to earthquake, I guess they have there own building code since 1994. Giving structural details and estimating and re-estimating takes lot of time...very happy to see that you ready to take all the pressure..Do well..Take care.