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Before, you carry on with your reading, I would like to inform you that, it is a very very long article and these are my opinions and since am no English Student, the lines will be rusty for those who are good in English.


I believe that everybody has some ideas in their minds that they would cherish and endorse.
An idea is something that nobody can take from you and once you start believing in it firmly, they become like engravings on rocks. Even if you want to change the way you think, it surely takes time just like rocks getting fragmented due to acid rain.
To definition, they have categorized a simple word idea to many types.
Let me share two here.
Adventitious and Innate.
Innate idea is the one which you are born with.
Adventitious idea is something that you learn through your experience.

The brain is a commodity used to fertilize ideas. ~Elbert Hubbard

The only defect with your mind is that it is a cloning base; for one forms his ideas from others and others can make you think what they want you to think which most often takes place without you knowing that the whole time you had been manipulated.

But, then again, I just can’t tell you that someone can manipulate you, because, whether to have an idea in your mind, depends upon you. Yes, people will offer their ideas, but it depends on oneself to whether or not to be influenced by others, cherish that idea and you know, endorse.

Part One
Idea in Politics

“If I can send the flower of the German nation into the hell of war without the smallest pity for the shedding of precious German Blood, then surely I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like vermin.”~Adolf Hitler

Today’s generation might not follow Hitler blindly. If we have other methods, what Hitler used, yes, maybe we can sell the same idea to people one more time or who knows, maybe use the same methods what Hitler once used. With this another question arises, why did they follow what Hitler wanted? Was that just mere duty or were they just following the order of their ruler? Were people so dumb?
Making someone think the way you want, takes time. It is difficult but it isn't impossible.

So the question is, when Hitler offered his idea against the Jews, Poles, Gypsies and other minorities, were the Nazi soldiers just willing to have it for it came from their Furher?

During the early 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, the condition of Europe was what currently Asia is in: Developing Phase. The economy wasn't booming, but people needed beliefs to believe in, for that kept life going on. And what is a Belief? It is an idea, an idea such, that one can be a martyr if one doesn't follow the crowd and become eddies in the flow or become a hero if they acted according to what people thought. During those era, Nationalism was one of the ideas that made people go on. An idea, that we have pride in, but if manipulated wrongly, we face nothing but foes. Now I am not trying to sell you an idea against being Nationalistic. Be Nationalistic when you talk about your Nation, but don't be too Nationalistic that you go on fighting others. Before we belong to any country, remember that first we are citizens of world. We might have different skin colour, but underneath the skin we are all brothers and sisters.

Due to the presence of Nationalism, Hitler was able to sell an idea, due to which more than 6 million Jews perished, that is around ten times the current population of my nation, Bhutan.
Here again lies a question, was it really worth it? What purpose did it serve?

Nationalism was not the only idea Hitler used for his subjects. No. He also called upon those who had migrated from their homeland Germany to other nations. He gave them a call for “Fighting For Fatherland.” Another thing was Aryan race ought to be superior and whole Europe ought to have nothing but, Aryan race. Hitler actually made every Aryan believe that they were superior. But again, didn't anyone have an idea in their minds that who was he to brand a race superior and the other inferior?

With some of the few things, I almost forgot to write about Fear. When the leader before Hitler died in his chamber, Hitler marched to his office and claimed himself to be the Furher of Germany, those who were unwilling to accept this, had to accept death. The opposition parties were executed.

The main point I am trying to lay out here is implanting an idea is a tough task, but provided you have conditions inflicted on the mass, willingness or unwillingness of the idea to be followed, good or bad, sin or dharma: these factors don't matter, conditions matter whether a man would take up an idea or not.

Meaning, it is not actually the idea that one would select, it is the conditions that would make a man choose his idea. Now, willpower is also a factor, but who gives a damn about willpower when the masses of people are following an idea.

One might just sum up the reasons pointed out as Facism, and as a matter of fact, it is true. But is facism such a good idea that it got sold only in Germany during those days? Could it be possible that it might be used again? No one can guarantee that nobody would use it and nobody would follow it.

It make me wonder, why a mass of people sharing same thoughts and act more or less sthe ame keeping the main point: achieving the weird goals. Would you sign up to turn on the gas chamber where old people, children, women and men reside? Only if you were a psychopath, and a sadist, you would. But with this, can we conclude that all the Nazis were psychopaths and sadists too? No. They weren't. So were they just following the orders? A Private would follow what a Lieutanant would order, a Lieutanant would follow what a Captian would say and a Captain to a Major, a Major to a Colonel, Colonels listening to Generals and so it goes on. And finally, the board of members who would listen to Hitler himself. In this chain of commands directing to death of a Jew, didn't anyone think: hey, is it good or bad?

But then again, we just can't say everybody shared Hitler's vision. There were again those who tried to make the man sleep forever and others were sympathetic to the Jews, so that is the reason we have Schinlder's List and Valkyrie. Oskar Schindler and Wehrmacht Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg were amongst the few not impressed with the thoughts of Hitler. What made them so? Didn't the conditions apply to them as well?
Every society has some sort of integrity that binds them together, and usually it is the ideas that bind them together. Then, if we dissect a society further, the society itself is divided into many, then if you divide those categories too, you will find that again many divisions are there.

Before racism, feminism-chauvinism, senior-junior, rich-poor comes the idea. This idea, in fact unites a group and again, this very idea divides them from the rest. It is fascinating to study human behaviour and human behaviour in mass.

Part Two:
Idea in Religion

“If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him.” Voltaire

Without deviating from the main topic, I would like to jump into another topic which has somehow, always been an adventitious idea from my perspective, for one doesn't know what is Religion, but is taught when one is an infant. Religion is never an innate idea, because, an infant doesn't know whether he or she is born to follow Christ, Buddha, Allah or other Gods. It is during the time when they hit puberty, religion becomes a part of the them, perhaps before that.
Religion has been in circulation for so long that we can't even let go of it. Why? Because Religion is an idea associated with another idea, again, Belief. Belief is something that we all need. But, how does it work?

Suppose, you are suffering from some illness. An illness that won't kill you. Say you have a fever, and you want to get well. So you pray to your god. And eventually you get well.

When you pray for your health, you believe that almighty will cure you and your mind becomes strong, saying “Yes, I will be alright.” But who put that idea in your head? It is you yourself. Just that you are involved in the almighty and not “I” in your prayers. If you really had a strong belief that you would be cured, yes you will be cured. Getting over some illness doesn't happen only in Christianity or Islam or Buddhism or Jainism, provided you have strong will and strong belief, you have cured your disease yourself. It's not that one religion is superior than the other, it depends on how strong your faith is. Faith which is an idea which is put in your head with the help of belief.

But, again, if you are suffering from a serious illness, from which you might never recover: even if you have a strong belief and will or even if you are really religious. Nobody heard that a Christian HIV positive got cured after he became Buddhist.

“God helps those who help themselves.” I presume that it was Benjamin Franklin who gave such a profound line. Had he figured out that he was an Atheist? And his society won't tolerate that? Because, one way or the other, the line clearly signifies that God's existence is questionable.

I truly believe that if one is really hardworking, he or she can do anything and everything they want provided they don't cross their capacity. Because, not every Tom, Dick and Harry can be Einstein. I am not stating they don't have the potential, but they might lack dedication. Because, we all have the same potentials, but how much we make use of it is again in our hands. And what does it take for unleashing his or her true potentials? It is the idea that should have been implanted into an infant, rather than some invisible man up in sky.

I am a Buddhist. Religion has always confused me. And like what Buddha said, I don't consider Buddha to be a God. Those were his lines. He even said, one can question his teachings and proceed on 'better ways'. He only considered himself to be a man who had met his mind with peace. Peace is an idea, that we all chase after, but, conditions that would take us to peace, in this modern world is: something anti-peace. Because, if you want to see peace, you need have the experience what is not peace. That is, if you want to be happy, you have to be see sadness. Then only, you would realize that you were already happy. Can't we just be wise by saying that we are already in peace?

To be honest, we are children in our minds. We just want to conform to fit in. We just don't want the 'OTHERS' to think that we are different, for if one is different, one has to also to pay a price for being different. We would pity the poor, hungry and the victims, but if we are in mass, we don't mind treating people like materials and making them the very things that we pity, poor hungry and victims. For instance, when a village alerted that they would be attacked by Tamil Tigers and evacuation was essential, the villagers killed every other Tamil ethnic they met in their way while evacuating the village. The Tamil Tigers however didn't attack the village, and many innocent Tamil lives were taken. We are capable of unspeakable things, it is the ideas that we choose, conditions make us choose, that makes us who we really are. My questioning of Religion started with me reading many books on Religion: the first question was this: If religion really cared for a single soul, then why was Religion a powerful weapon for those who used it as a means of Genocide? Crusaders, didn't they care about souls? But again, idea is such a cruel thing: one will go on believing the wrong as right, and right as wrong. Blue is not blue and red, and red is not red but blue, if you really think, it is possible, it is. But, knowing blue is blue and red is red, that is what we all miss these days. We don't analyze much and we just want to fit in wherever we are, and take up the idea that makes us fit in the society.

“Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.”~ Steven Weinberg

Of all the things: if ideas don't match, there is tension in everything that we do. Fighting against your classical boss to nations going on war, it is just the difference in idea. Peace can only be there, if people think alike, and people will only think alike, if everybody ummm..... I don't know ( I will let you know when I get the answers). And again, like I said, I have kept many parameters aside while thinking and writing these pages.

By the end of my line, you might have concluded that I am a confused person. And yes, I am confused, because I seek ANSWERS.

The chain of ideas always remain the same, some will not follow and some will, but the idea remains here and it's always been here. Nobody has ever invented anything new out of ideas. Just that few have explored the branches out of ideas and men will come and go, and ideas they will follow, those ideas which were always here, one way or the another, it will always be here, confusing us, why the hell we all think this way? Why do we think?

And, the answer lies, like Bob Dylan once said: Blowing in the Wind.

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