Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toilet Thoughts.

I was just wondering how cooking came to existence? Then again, I realised that humans survived the last Ice Age without having much of furs on body. So could it be just for temperature? Any how, cooking has evolved a lot now, and well, I admit, I live to eat and not eat to live now.
With fur in my mind, I just realized about animals. And well, since more than half of our species is racist, I was wondering, whether, a Monkey from one continent would ever hate another Monkey for not being from the same Continent? Same goes with cows, buffaloes, peacocks, snakes, elephants, etc. So, with this, can we come to a conclusion, that at least half of our species with gifts to think and make things get done are even more worse than the animals? It might provoke many.

This is just a mere thoughts that I got, while I was shitting. Anyways, I will write more provided I get to 'PASS MY STOOL' more often and well of all the things, I get TIME. Till then, Folks, do let me know, what you guys think about it.

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