Friday, February 25, 2011

My sketches

I have thought of updating my blog. But time and again, I run short of topics or I just procrastinate my duties.

 My some time favourite, Gandhi. This sketch was made in one hour 10 minutes. Courtesy, Rs. 100. 
I tried to make a sketch of My favourite mentor. Madam PC Wangchuk

I made this for my fren, whom I call Bro. But sadly, this pic is no more with me as I gave it some exhibition held in my college. I never got to hear from them again.

 The actual Photograph for this sketch became my facebook profile picture for more than two years.

This was when I was thin. Very Thin. 

 This was free hand trial. Pilot pen of 0.5mm was used on it. 

This was supposed to look like SP. And in fact, it does when she just gets up early in the morning. :p

These are my old sketches, that I will be uploading here. Hope in future, I get chance to upload more. 


  1. You are a great artist bro...i am following you....keep posting more..i am a great lover of art although i have little skills of it.. if you have time, i would like to request a sketch for me too, my picture and send me at

  2. wai boss wen will u sketch me and and upload in this page .. lol